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We Will Trade Guns For Clocks or Clocks for Guns

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14 Gauge Shotguns

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We Trade Guns For Clocks And Clocks For Guns

we have over 40 guns and 165 knifes the guns are not for sell but would consider a trade for old clocks any condition, clock parts or clock repair tools. the guns are not for sell so do not waist your time by offering to buy them.  


I am reducing my gun and knife collection.  i have a 40 gun collection and a 165 knife collection that is not for sale but may trade for old clocks any condition, or old clock parts and repair tools. the key word, is will trade, i will trade one gun or the complete collection. but you have to have clocks I am interested in. some of them are hard to find, have 4 of the 14 Ga shotguns, 4 of the 28 ga shotguns one is very rare. they can only be shipped to a federal firearms dealer. most of these guns can be shipped to c & r license holder. the description is under the pictures of the guns. the guns are not in the shop they are in a storage in another town so if you have questions it could be a couple of days before i get back to you. please don't ask if i will sell the guns or knifes because i will not and we do not appraise guns.

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6 Iver Johnson shotguns looking at the first picture top to bottom  44 cal 410 ga 28 ga. 20 ga. 16 ga. and 12 ga they are all in good to average condition. the 44 cal has a small chip and crack in the stock nice bore. the 410 the butt plate not original nice bore. the 28 Ga. looks like there was a chip in the stock and it was glued back in or a piece was made nice bore. the 20 ga has a chip out of the stock at the top at the butt plate nice bore. the 16 ga. has a small chip in the butt plate has nice bore. the 12 ga the wood is good the bore is nice. when i purchased these guns i did not buy them to sell i bought them for my collection


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5 Stevens tip up guns there are 4 tip up 14 ga. shotguns and one tip up 25 rifle. no of them are marked 14 ga but i have a 14 ga shell that fit in them and when i purchased the rifle they said it was a 25. the top gun is the 25 it had a scope at one time but the mounting is glued on for easy removal. the 2nd gun is a 14 ga. with part of the trigger guard missing. the 3rd gun is a 14 ga. with a maple stock i am sure is a replacement. the 4th gun is a 14 ga and the 5th gun is a 14 ga some one carved initials in the stock.


6 Lefever single barrel shotguns 2 nice 410s 1-20 ga 1-16 ga 2-12 gauges all in good condition



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2 remington single barel shotguns nice 28 ga &  a 20 ga the first gun is a model 3 28 ga with a 28 in barrel made from 1893 to 1903 and as nice as you will ever find it cocks from the side. it is excellent in every way. the second gun is a model 9 20 ga with a 30 in barrel made from 1903 to 1910 it also cocks from the side and is also very nice for the age. these guns i have in my privet collection and was never for sale. you have a chance at 2 very nice hard to find guns



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very nice Lefever nitro special 16 ga. double barrel with 28 in barrels the bluing is good the bore is nice. this is a very nice gun



Iver Johnson champion 28 gauge



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Iver Johnson 12 Gauge with matted Rib


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28 ga Winchester western Canada limited Cooey model 84 single barrel shotgun. with a 28 in full choke barrel one side of the receiver says Winchester western Canada limited the other side says Cooey model 84 made in Canada. the receiver looks like it has ben re-blued the bluing on the barrel is good, the bore is good the wood is good


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model 37 Winchester 410 single barrel shotgun with a 28 in barrel the gun is nice there is a lot of the bluing gone from the receiver the wood looks like it may have been refinished at some time . bore is nice








Nice Hopkins & Allen 12 gauge



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Nice Harrington & Richardson model 088 12 gauge full choke single barrel shotgun


Antique Flintlock Pistol




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Top gun Marlin 30-30 model 336cs micro-groove barrel with a Simons scope 2nd gun is a Eastfield model 916 mfg by Smith & Wesson 12 ga 3 in chamber 3rd gun Stevens 12 ga single barrel 32 in barrel with a shiny bore  4th gun Stevens model 9478 20 ga 28 in  barrel shiney bore. 5th gun New England firearms 410 with a 22 in barrel in like new condition




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from top to bottom Flint Lock Muzzle loading rifle. Remington model 9 12 ga cocks from side old double barrel shotgun the next gun is old double barrel shotgun stock shortened next gun Wards Hercules model-10 20 ga the last gun has been traded off

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