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The Bickel estate Sold in 1966 Including the home of the late W. H. ('''Uncle Wig")Bickel and approximately 277 acres located on both sides of State Rt. 2 and Marrtown Rd. south of Parkersburg, has been sold to Howard C. and Opal V. Brown, 2300 Fairview Av. it was disclosed last evening. Informed sources said it represented one of the largest real estate transactions seen in this area for some period of time.


The Bickel home and estate has been a landmark in this area since the 1920's. The deeds have been signed, and are expected to be recorded at the Wood county court Courthouse tomorrow it was revealed by Mr. and Mrs Brown, the Parkersburg National Bank, trustees of the estate and Mary Ann Bickel heir of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bickel who has lived in the Bickel home since she was born. The sale price was not disclosed yesterday but it was revealed that a substantial sum was involved and the down payment consisted of a 25 acre farm  on State Rt. 7 between Coolville and Tuppers Plains 0.and a ranch type brick  home on the farm there where Mary Ann Bickel plans to Plans Housing Development

Brown, owner of the H. C. Brown & Sons. Asphalt Co. on 39th St. below Murdoch Ave says he and Mrs. Brown plan to move into the Bickel home in the near future and that they probably will reserve for their own use. the 17 acres adjacent to the stone residence on

the west side of State Rt 2 and south of Marrlown Rd. where it intersects Rt. 2. A large horse stable and other out buildings are located in this 17 acre tract he said. Brown's plans here revealed, include the development of an exclusive residential subdivision north of Marrtown Rd. on the west side of State Rt. 2: This area once was referred to as the play ground area, and during the life time of the late Uncle Wig Bickel oil and gas producer the section for years boasted a "zoo" which he maintained for public pleasure and viewing and the delight of children who were taken to the estate by their parents for an evening or Sunday outing. The race track and grandstand section of the estate on the east side of State Rt. 2- across the highway from the Bickel home. and which has been referred to as the bottom land maybe the site of a huge shopping center Brown disclosed.


The bottom land consists of apnroximately 43 acres. Future plans Brown said inelude the possible development of another extensive housing subdivision in the wooded area in the approximately 175 acres back of the grandstand. The contemplated housing developments would be restricted to the better class or more expensive type homes Brown explained. Was Finished in 1928 The handsome Bickel residence which it took two years

to build was finished in 1928 says Mary Ann Bickel who admits she will leave it with

some reluctance since it has been home to her for so many years.


the house was built under the supervision of the Late Tom Tenny master stone mason. The beautiful stones used in its construction were brought here from a quarry near Philadelphia. The home boasts a fire place in practically every room of its three floors. Three of the mantels are of marble with Italian marble used in constructing the splendid fire place in the living room. On the wall over the fire place is painted a picture of Blennerhassett Island and on the wall along the winding staircase leading,

up from the reception room is painted a picture of the horse shoe curve on State Rt. 14 just outside of Elizabeth. It's really too much of a home to manage and maintain says Mary Ann. I haven't even been on the third floor for months and months.


Liked Crowds of Friends The late Uncle Wig Bickel, who died of a heart attack on Thanksgiving Day 1946 at the age of 69, while attending a square dance at the Butcher Hill Hunt Club on State Rt. 14 between Parkersburg and Elizabeth. His wife died at the age of 71 in Sept. 1952.


Bickel, who at one time reportedly owned 100 producing oil wells never lost the common touch and he was happiest when wearing an old pair of overalls and a weather beaten felt hat and surrounded by lots of friends who were having a good time.

The Bickel race track was the scene of numerous horse shows, rodeos, ox roasts and other events during the 1930's and early 1940's and which drew large crowds. He owned a stable full of finer riding horses including six white albinos or American saddle horses, which some folks referred to as White Arabians, Mary Ann



The white horses led many Parkersburg parades, with "Uncle Wig" and' Mary Ann and various of their close  friends in the saddles, and will be remembered by thousands of residents of this area who were here at that time.

The "Zoo" or playground at the Bickel estate once boasted buffalo, elk, geese, swans, ducks, raccoons, Brahma cattle, peacocks, pelicans and a bear. 



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