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One hundred Fifty years ago Parkersburg was a rambling little community and today's 11th and Juliana Sts. were practically in the country, but one of the community's most prominent citizens lived there· in a big white frame house that boasted 14 rooms and was home to Captain George Deming and his wife and three children.

 Capt. Deming had been a master mariner of sailing vessels and why he came to Parkersburg appears to be lost to posterity. but come he did, and he brought with him many, rare and beautiful articles which had come from all over the world, collected by him on his voyages to far countries. He had two daughters and a son that later, Miles Deming, a sturdy  attractive child one who never reached maturity, but died rather suddenly Capt. Deming him self didn't live to be very old, and he was gone by the time the Civil War was well launched, although he had not yet reached his 55th birthday

 The Deming family continued make their home here and in time they built other homes and then moved out of the home on the northeastern. corner of Juliana and 11th Streets. One house was a frame structure just across the street which was moved back on 11th street when the big new home when it was occupied by Mrs. Camden Kunst Was construed Mrs. Carl Campbell lived there today.


The old Deming home stead continued to play a prominent part in the community, and at one time was the home of the late A. B. White, who served as governor 0f : West Virginia. The Wiant family also lived in it for a year when Mrs. T. D. Davis formerly a Wiant. was a little girl Fifty three years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Markey moved into the old home. They formerly had lived in the Robb apartments, where their first child, a son, Joseph was born. Joseph was three month, old when the Markey family moved into the 14 room home. The Markey's had continued to live there since, Mrs. Markey said that the old house has been a wonderful place. Bathrooms were needed three of them, and various other modern touches but the home that now is well over 100 years old, has It  has mainly been left untouched.

Meanwhile the Deming family has been gone a long time. the view cemetery, and one daughter. Lottie who taught once in local schools, is reported living in Richmond, Va. No one seems to know' whether' the other daughter is living, or dead, and Mrs. Deming died so many years ago. However, the name is not forgotten, as visitors to Riverview cemetery always attracted by the big headstone over captain. George Deming's grave. it has a sailing vessel carved into the stone, along with: us Capt. George Deming, Master Mariner. Born in New Haven Conn. September 10 1806 died here April 21 1861 age 54 years and 8 months the final line reads a descendant of Capt. Miles Standish the puritan   

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