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 Streetcars, often referred to as "trolley Cars," disappeared from  the scene In Parkersburg Many years a go but they left many tracks behind to prove, they once existed. Some of those tracks (steel rails) still can be seen today in sections of certain city streets, where trafic and  Weather erosion have worn thin the concrete or blacktop covering that was I used to conceal the tracks and smooth out the paths for the, buses, taxis and family autos which replaced the streetcars.

 Another thing streetcars left behind, when they were consigned to the scrap heap of progress are fond memories in the; minds of those who recall, with a touch of nostalgia, a more romantic era of transportation.   

Recalls  "Mule Drawn Cars" 

 Among the many Parkersburg  rail fans, who miss the good old streetcars and the camaraderie between fellow passengers and the men who operated the electrically powered conveyances, is Harley B. Stewart 83, of 100 Penn Av. Sunrise Addn. city, I grew up with streetcars says Stewart. To us young boys a ride on streetcar represented adventure says Stewart whore calls the old "mule drawn. cars which hauled passengers in the city back in the Gay 90's.  

Disappeared in 1898 

 The mule-drawn cars bowed out of the picture about 1898. They were replaced by the electric trolley cars or streetcars. which were introduced by Charlie Shattuck and a company he organized, Stewart recalls. After the mule drawn cars were crowded out or the seen here the rattle clatter and Crumble of streetcars rolling along on their ribbons of steel was heard by Parkersburg, Vienna and Marietta residents from approximately 1898 until about 1947 according to Nobel Schofield, 3202 Liberty St. Schofield retired about a year ago following a transportation career which included service first as a streetcar motor man and later as a driver of the buses.  

 Six Lines or Loops There were six divisions sometimes called lines "Or "loops," of the electric streetcar system here Stewart recalls These divisions he says were known as the North End Beechwood, south Side and Lynn Street loops, the Seventh St. outer-loop and the Interurban which operated between

Parkersburg and Marietta. The 7th St. loop was seven miles long. It started from the Ohio River Depot at 2nd and Ann Sts. went up Ann to 3d over 3d St. to Market, Market St. to 7th, out 7th St. to park out Park Av. past part of  City Park to 19th. Then it traveled west on 19th to St. Marys Ave. north to Terrapin Park at 25 st St. down past Terrapin Park and along Spring Run and across  Murdoch Ave. where Emerson St. enters Miurddoch, and on west to Ohio Ave. and south on Ohio Ave to approximately 19th st. From near 19th Stewart continues the trolley line veered over to Garfield Ave. and down Garfield to 12th St. up 12th to Murdoch down to 8th St. up 8th to Juliana down Juliana' St. to 2d St. and over to the Ohio River Depot where it started back over the same route again.


Just for the Ride


Stewart says that a nickel was worth a nickel in those good old days and as a boy he lived at what was then known as Pottery Junction an area around Murdoch Ave. and Emerson Ave. The name derived from the fact that a pottery was located in that neighborhood. For an afternoon adventure and excitement Stewart discloses some of us boys would save our pennies until we had five cents apiece Then we would all walk down to the Ohio River Depot get on a 7th St. Car and ride clear around the seven mile loop and back to the Depot. We went along just for the ride and the seven mile ride cost us only a nickel apiece We wound up right back where we started the ride at the Ohio River depot Then we would walk back home satisfied that we had our nickel's worth of fun. Some of the boys couldn't read or write, Stewart reveals but that was no handicap when it came to riding streetcars. Stewart recalls The 7th St. Cars were painted red, the Lynn st. Cars were painted green, and Beechwood Cars were painted orange that was the way a people would know which car to take


 Compiles List of 198


   Stewart recently has compiled a List of 198 men who operated streetcars in Parkersburg from 1898 till 1947 when buses replaced the trolleys. He says Walter T. Davis, 1965 7th St. a retired transportation employer who operated streetcars furnished a lot of the names. Some of the men in the list are still living but most have passed on to a streetcar mans heaven where the clang - clang - clang of a trolley car's bell provides the beat for the celestial harp music Stewart comments. Maybe you'd publish the names it will bring back fond memories to readers who used to ride the streetcars Stewart suggests.


The Men Who Ran Them


   Here's Harley B. Stewart's list of men who operated streetcars in the city during part of that half-century before buses were Introduced here: John Nelson, Clarence Nelson, Alden R. Davis, Walter Davis, George Weekley, Pete Wigal, Frank Reeves (wore a long beard which wrapped around his neck in the breeze), Wesley Boso, Clint Parks, Clyde Parks, John Dils, Henry Lyons. Mike Pickens, Brent Backus, John Johnston, Guy Devaughan, Mun Baker, John Murray, Coleman Staats,


   Ben Starr, Nobel Schofield, Bud Muhlman, Bill Dunlap, John Rollinson, Fred Sheets, G. W. Dayton, Delbert Roberts, Harley Full, Earl and Pearle Eddy (who were twins), Hugh Quillen, Frank Wilson, Jimmy Carroll, Johnny Evans, Leonard Jarvis, Harry Eskey, Charles Heatherly, Bob Wigal, Fred Renner, Walter Wade, Bill Spry, William Howard, Charles Howard, O. W. Kenney, Jake Clouse, Ed Gant,  

R. B. Friend, Charles Locke, Lew Baker, Lee Canfield, Doc Lamm,  Bill Bailey.  Bob Karl, Pearl Beach, Martin Commons, 0liver Littleton, Billy Southworth, Norman Cathern, Nich Hughes, Albert Swartz, Nig O'Neal, Lawrence ONeal, Bud Gant, Granny stewart, Billie Gaston, Amos Cooper, C. L. Allman, Guy Allman, Dave Congleton, Bill Benninger, Ira Atkinson, Mr. Friend. Ira Dye, Tony Renner, Earl Pryor, Puck Foster, Slim Hall, Roy Tanner, Dutch Schlagel, John Weyer, Carl Stephens, Clarence Woodyard, Bill Johnson, Tom Johnson, Frank Drake, Mr. Burdette, Sam Beabout,  Charles Way. William Rainbow, Harry Circle, Harry Holliday, O. W. Stanley, C. T. Smith, Frank Pnice, Roy Tanner, Mr. Cleavenger, Dooger Creel,  Jack McFee, Hyde Finney, Clyde Devol, O. D. Orem, R. L. Luthringer, S. A. Wriggins, Arch Massey, Frank Emerick, Ken Newlon, Richie White, Jess Starcher, Bill Sleeth, Doc Lamb, George Crawford, D. W. Dayton, Ed Barrett, Tom Flaherty. 

 John Meachem, Fred Wolfe, Oze Allman, Everett Vaughn, Jud Guinn, Jim Tracewell, Jim Gladwell, Mr. Enoch, Cecil Hopikins, Walter Barr, Dave Brookover, Dewey Garon, Carl Bumgard, George McMillen, Ed Tally Dana Smith, Charles Simms, Jesse Lyons, Earl Kermmer, George McDougle, Henry Jackson, Orris Davis, WilIlliam Beorn. sam Sheppard, Clarence Sheets, Jimmy Carroll, Ernest Brownfield, George Hutchinson, Walter Hudson, Ora Bartlett.  Bill Ruberry, CLyde Evans, William McGregory, Orville Shellenberg, Hi Leachman, John Gooseman, Ed Renner, Fred Renner, Jim Maiden,  Adson Taylor, Charlie Young, Charlie Hynes, Holbert Reed, John Reed, Paul Brown, Tom Brown, Charlie Miles, Charlie Devine, Jim Trissler, Clarence Nern, Clarence Deem, Mr. Maxom, C. L. Cain, Lester Reed, Walter Pahl, William Ashley, Charles Martin, Paud Wharton, Charley Matheney, Tilden Cook, William Sarver. Okey Stepheons, Robert Whitlatch, William Tierney, Howard Howley, Dwight Kenney, John Braden, Ned Shafer, Ralph Thayer, George Mann, Ray Thorne, Carl Spriggs, K. H. Ott, Gibby Devol, Lloyd Backus, Guy Backus, earl Backus, Frank Tyger, Leslie Simmers, Bernard Gilbert and Jim Smith.  

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