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White City Baseball club East End Parkersburg 1903 it was called White City because all the Houses were painted White, in this picture is Moss Taylor, John Robinson, Chester Enoch, Charles Phillips, Carl Boggs, George Hamilton, Harry Welch, Dick Hoblitzell, Tom Tucker -- Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


North Parkersburg Little League - Mullen Motors Dodgers 1954. Front row L to R Mike Higgs, Jim Cummins, Dave Bell, Carl Guthrie, (Dr) Mickey Manzo, Jim Robrecht, ? McClung. 2nd row L to R Dave Treadwell (Manager), Anthony Treadwell, John Garrison, Arden Bowman, Jim Connoly, Benny Edwards, Larry Strother, Larry Hatman, Dave Treadwell, Jack Munday (Coach)


Dairy Dell Babe Ruth 1964


Babe Ruth All Stars 1965 - Row 1 - Mitch Wentzel, Barry Spiker, Al Hawkins, Ed Kuphner. Row 2 - Randy Modesitt, Joe Stephan, Ric Hanlon, Dave Eaton, Mike Wentzel, Roger Province. Row 3 - Paul Burkhammer, Pinky Delaney, Jim Cogar, Mike McClain, Paul Horner, Ham Morrison ??, Rodeshimer?????, Rick Delaney, and Coach Sellers


Devine's Little League 1955 Photo Courtesy Roger Blackburn


Here is a picture of a Viscoes softball team around very early 1940s. In the front row left is Raymond Strother, next to him may be Dick McMullen. In the back row the first on the left may be "Light" Souther, 3rd from the left may be Charles Allen and 5th from the left may be Roy Grapes.  


Colt League 1966 - FMC


Dairy Dell Babe Ruth 1963


Little Docs- Little League 1961


Little Docs- Little League 1962


Babe Ruth All Stars 1965


Thomas Pontiac Little League Team - Mid 70's - Coaches Dick McCain and Jim Cogar


Little League Team - Ideal Box at Worthington in Mid 70's - Coaches Dana Hopkins, Rick Hanlon, and Jim Cogar


This picture was taken at Hoff Field on the west side of the 5th street fill. You see the bridge in the background. - Stork's - Little League 1958. with Rick Stanley, Bob Vensel, Larry Keen, Stanley Southers and William Paul West.


South Parkersburg Little (Bronco) League 1958 (?) Devine's team. My grandfather and father coached/managed. Little guy in specs is yours truly. Recognize anyone. Bob Beach first row, Billy Allman, WIllie Purcell, don't know, Barry Mccrady, Tom Black and dont know.....anyone know the back row?


1959 South League All Stars 1959


Wood County Bronco All Stars 1968


The 1967 RenDor Lanes Pony League team. I am on the front row, second from right. Next to me Howard Black and I see Randy Simmons, Steve Law, Tom Newberry, Randy Knight, and John Buck to name a few. Steve Law's dad is one coach.


Parkersburg Baseball team Sponsored by Parkersburg Sporting Goods House 220 7th street the Business was owned by Chester A. & W. Davis King they run a Billiard Parlor and were dealers in sporting goods


This picture taken in 1910 shows the Williamstown Baseball team Asa Heaton, John Shupp, Al Metclaf, Den Huber, Harry McKissing, George Athey & 3 with surname Cochran, Edmonds, & Merideth


The time was 1970 North End Little League Dee Delaney Jim , Chris Cliburn , Jeff Huxley, Tom Scott and Luke Spencer have passed away . Picture Picture Courtesy of Dee Delancy


Union Carbide Softball TeamPicture Picture Courtesy Debbie Goodwin


Union Carbide Softball Team Picture Courtesy Debbie Goodwin


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