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Fenton Williamstown plant shortly after it opened in 1907


Williamstown New plant under construction, fall 1906.


The Fenton plant in 1938.




Packing room at Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown, West Virginia, ca. 1910. 


Workers pause during a pot setting. The first piece of Fenton glass was made January 2, 1907 


in the Early years of production Fenton Art Glass was sometimes loaded on Steamboats going on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to reach the markets from Pittsburgh to New Orleans . the man in the light suit in the lower right corner is the company founder Frank Fenton.


in 1905 Frank fenton and his brother John pooled their resources a total of $284.86 and began the Fenton Art Glass Company as a decorating  firm in Martin's Ferry Ohio. about a year later unable to buy the glass they needed, they decided to build their own plant in Williamstown WV. the company produced its first Glass Crystal - crystal creamers in patterns 8 on January 2 1907


In the early 20th century, Fenton and other glass companies stopped production for six weeks from mid-july until the end of August. Many men camped by the Ohio River during this time, fishing, hunting, and otherwise amusing themselves. Tradition had it that they did not bathe or shave during the entire six weeks.



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