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  The name John Shikellamy can't be expected to mean anything to even the best educated Parkersburgers. though it certainly would have had the query been put to some of their great grandfathers.The name of Chief Logan won't ring a great many bells either. However John Shikellamy and Chief Logan were one and the same and Logan was commemorated by the early residents of this area when his name was given the highest hill in the area that one at the foot of Market St. now called Fort Boreman. The name Fort Boreman was given in honor of Parkersburg's Aurthur I Boreman first governor of West Virginia many years later. But long before that it held the name of Mount Logan in honor of the Indian chief who for so many years befriended the white man only to have his friendship thrown in his face and his wife and his relatives wiped out. Following this Logan turned on the whites and took 30 scalps. But many whites felt that the treachery which wiped out his family could never be atoned for and perhaps it was with that in mind his memory was saluted by attaching it to the highest hill in Parkersburg's area. The Indian statesman was born


in 1725 a half breed His father, was a French Canadian extraction and had been born in Montreal but as a small child had been carried away and brought; up by the Oneida Indian tribe. He married a girl of the Cayuga tribe this Shikellamy and had two wives, with Logan born to the first who died in 1747.  The elder Shikellamy or Logan 'took his name as a salute to James Logan secretary of the Province of Pennsylvania. The elder Logan early was trained for Indian States craft and diplomacy and was recipient of many honors. His son likewise was trained, and in time succeeded the father. The young Logan was born in the Indian village of Osca or Wasco, now Auburn, N. Y., where a monument has been erected to his memory.

 During the years that the Indian raids made life miserable for the pioneers through this area the young Logan by then a chief in his own right befriended the white man and went along way to keep his own tribe peaceful However, on April 30, 1771, while Chief Logan was away from home an invitation came to his family living near the mouth of Yellow creek, about 40 miles north of Wheeling in what then was western Virginia. The invitation came from Daniel Greathouse, known as an unscrupulous operator of a tavern known as Baker's Bottom which supplied the Indians with their favorite' rum. Nine members of Logan's family accepted the invitation which historian believe was extended deliberately with the idea of massacre in mine. A brawl was provoked and the Indians were attacked and killed. , A infant was spared the son of an Indian woman and a white man. 30 Scalps The embittered Logan joined other Mingo Indians on the war path in what is said to have launched the Indian wars. 

Lord Dunmore ordered a strong fort built on the bluff north of the mouth of Wheeling creek, named Fort Fincastle much later Fort Henry for Patrick Henry, governor of Virginia. In 1775 when the Indian wars ceased with peace at Pt. Pleasant : Dunmore noted the absence of . Gen. Logan at the peace ceremony and sent for him. Logan refused to attend sending instead a message that has gone, down in history as an example of Indian eloquence. It follows: appeal to any white man to say if he ever entered Logan's cabin hungry and he gave him not meat if he ever came cold and naked and he clothed him not. During the last long and bloody war Logan remained quiet in his cabin an advocates of peace.

 Such was my love for the whites that my country men pointed as they passed and said Logan is the friend of white men. I had ever thought to have lived with you but for the injuries of one man Col. Cresap who the lasts spring and cold blood and unprovoked murdered all the relatives of Logan not even sparing my women and children. There runs not a drop of my blood in the veins of any living creature. This called upon me for revenge. have sought it have killed many I have fully glutted my revenge. For my country  rejoice at the beams of peace. But do not arbor the thought that mine is the joy of fear. Logan never felt fear. He will never turn on his hell to save his life. "Who is there to mourn for Logan? "No one." 


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