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Edward B. Dana was born in Belpre but went to high school in Parkersburg (PHS Class of '19)and got his degree at Pitt in 1927- He worked for Venezuela Gulf Oil from 1927 to 1930 as a petroleum geologist- while there, he received an airmail letter on Pan American's first flight into South America, flown by Charles Lindbergh. One of the stops was in Maracaibo, and Edward B. Dana was on the scene with his movie camera-Here is his description of Lindbergh's visit, and a photo of the envelope- unfortunately, he gave it to one of his friends at the oil company, and it has dropped from sight


Courtesy John DanaCourtesy John G. Dana


10-3-29 Last Saturday was destined to be a big day. Lindbergh was coming. He was expected at about noon, and would probably land here at the Gulf camp. The Jefes all gathered at the dock. Big yachts were here to receive him and his plane--everything was excitement! That morning I had made. a date to go to Lagunillas for the weekend, and was to leave at 3 P. M. The minutes rolled by. I didn't even eat any dinner for fear I'd miss getting a movie of him landing, but Lindy was not to be seen. All eyes were skyward with an expression of expectation. No Lindy. I had my movie set upon the roof of a fire shed on the dock, all ready to shoot. Finally a dot appeared among the clouds at 2:30, which came rushing across the lake toward us. With everything all set,  I waited ready to shoot. He passed overhead, made a loop around getting ready to land. Just about ready to push the button! Flew around the water tower and made a circle around the camp (here I took a still shot.") After circling around several times he headed south and disappeared. Oh, he'll come back was the general opinion. It was some minutes. The word came he landed in the Harbor in Maracaibo.

Everybody was leaving. Again the plane appeared coming back to us, We still had hopes, he'd stop here for surely he had to land somewhere. They were expecting to hold a big reception for him. The city would give them the "key." After circling around the camp, he headed his plane northwest and disappeared. So thusly, Lindbergh handed Maracaibo "a fast one.  

I understand Lindy did land in the Harbor only long enough to decide not to get out after greeting the U. S. Consul, to whom he expressed regret for not getting out as he wished to reach Barranquilla, Colombia that night. And then took to the air again. His pilot was at the controls, while he wore civilian clothes. Lindbergh disappeared and not an inch of film exposed! The people of Maracaibo are down on Lindbergh for not stopping. Peresota, the President of the State, was on hand with flowers and presents to present and a big fiesta was to be held, but all was in vain.

 Courtesy John G. Dana


84 years of adorning the old city hall bell tower came to a end. the bell was forged by the McShan bell Foundry in Baltimore Md. in 1896 for the E. Howard watch a clock co. the solid brass bell will be donated to the Blennerhassett Museum. the bell is In city hall...2nd floor on display


Mountain State Demolition Inc is Demolition the old city building about half the Parkersburg's old city building is left standing at 5th and Market street 1980 


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