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O. J. Stout, a native of Washington, Wood County, purchase Stout's Drug Store at the age of 20 from W. E. Skirvian, who had operated it for a number of years at 600 Market St. the northeast corner where Jimbos is now located. Mr. Stout had been employed by Skirvin at the age of 17 and continued to work for him until he purchased the store for himself three years later. The drug store was moved to its present location 1915, a site which had been occupied by grocery store and a candy store. For many years after Mr. Stout moved his drug store to the site, an uncle, the late Dr. H. B. Stout had his offices upstairs over the store.


During those early days, before automobiles had come to Parkersburg, a hitching post was located in front of the store. Druggists were not required to attend a school of pharmacy if they learned their trade well enough to pass a state test while working with another Druggist. At the time Mr. Stout moved his store to the present location he employed six pharmacists. At the turn of the century a great number of drug stores went into business in the Parkersburg area. Some of them were Reifsnyder's, located at the present site of Embee's; Boreman's Drug Store, located about where McCrory's now stands; E. W. Grimms, on the site of the old Hiehle Theater Clark Murdoch's at 5th and Market; Bryan & Weiler, between 4th and 5th on Market St. J. N. Murdoch's, on Third St. Drug practices have certainly  changed during the 74 years Stout's Drug Store have been serving the people of this area.


At one time the pharmacist was required to make up medicines from the raw materials. times he concocted formulas or made pills. Now those medicines  are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Items other than medicines Were sold by the drug store. of that day, also. for some had soda fountains and most sold stationery, toilet articles and other miscellaneous items. Large numbers of persons visited Parkersburg almost every day by means of trains and horse and buggy. They entered the city from various directions, excited about their "big day" in the big city.


The site now occupied by the Chancellor Hotel was then the ground for the Methodist Church South, and behind it was a large

livery stable. The homes and businesses of that era were lighted by gas lights. and a more rural atmosphere prevailed. Today, in 1971, stout's Drug Store is one of the most modern drug stores in West Virginia. Tradition with Elegance is the motto of this fine store which has modernized their methods and surroundings. But they continue to maintain the tradition that O. J. Stout so proudly brought to Parkersburg. Robert Stout is the present manager of the store.



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