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Law Enforcement & Veterans Pictures


For Early Parkersburg History and Old Pictures

 Over 25000 Old Parkersburg & Wood County WV Pictures

This website is owned by Mackey's Antiques & Clock Repair and has No Connections at all with the Parkersburg Police Department, the Wood County Sheriff Department the West Virginia State Police or any other Law Enforcement. I was brought up to respect all of our Law Enforcement and a lot of the Parkersburg Police were friends of my family growing up in the 1950s to 1980s All of these law Enforcement pages is dedicated to our law enforcement that risk there lives to protect all of us and I Thank All of you for that


New Parkersburg motorcycles.


W. W. Lazzell


Front Row: Jim Midkiff, Butch Whitecotten, Thurman Hicks, Jim Ashwell, Tom Brace. Second Row: Bill Rhodes, maybe Gerald Board, and Harold Barnhouse. Third Row: First one is not known, Gary Deem, Gilbert Gaston, Charles Eliott. Rear: Arthur Swain, Dale Eaton, Walter Pieffer 


Somebody is graduating. I see Gov. Moore, D. L. Lake, and who are the others?


Bill Beckett


Chief Eaton and Mayor Nicely with Ron Nonamaker


Lee Bechtold, Burns, Nicely, Eaton, Lake, Buckalew, and Sutphin


officers are with Mayor Nicely



Wood County Deputy Dave Knotts. late 1970's.


Wood County Deputies Ron Roberts and Rick Woodyard. May have been taken in 1980


Graduation Day for the 31st Basic Class in June 1979.  From left to right Wood County Deputies Brady Stephens, Gary Fisher, Tim Rinehart, Roger Marshall, and Terry Miller.


C. Dale Wilcox, entering old jail 1971


Unknown State Trooper, Wood Co Deputy Marvin Richardson, Jack Hart, Harts Attorney, Dan Douglas and PPD officer Bob Nuzum Circa 1967  Photo submitted by Larry C. Gibson


Parkersburg officers Larry Gibson and Ed Layton in 1973. Photo provided by Ed Layton


Ron Poe


Officers Ed Layton and Bob Pickens taken in the early 1970's. Photo provided by Ed Layton.


Ed Layton.


Parkersburg City Policemen Roger Echard, Steve Pierce, and Jerry Harvey search the back of a truck. The Deputy Sheriff is believed to be Jack McCrady. The Jack Hart man hunt began Nov. 8, 1979 after Hart and 14 other inmates escaped from the state penitentiary at Moundsville.  Finally, on Nov. 11, Hart and another escapee Thomas Burton were apprehended after stealing a car and leading officers on a chase over country roads.


1983 Dodge Diplomat Parkersburg P. D. cruiser. This was one of several purchased when the department first went to the fleet plan. Car #80 was assigned to Roger Bradley. Photo taken by Brady Stephens.


P. A. Giffen of the Parkersburg Police Department demonstrates how to properly use the gun locks that are being distributed by area departments as part of their participation in Project Child safe. Jan 2004


Rookie Wood County Sheriff's Deputy. Steve Stephens 1980


Brady Stephens  1984 - 27 years old.


Parkersburg Police Officer Jerry Lyons leading the Old Fashion Bargain day parade carrying the American flag he was riding his horse Buddy early 1970's


Parkersburg Fraternal Order of Police presenting Christmas gifts at Henry Logan's Children Home, Christmas 1960. FOP members shown are front Gilbert Swartz, and back Gale Hartshorn. Others there but not shown were Officers K.E. Burdette, and A.C. "Towhead" Swain. Photo's like this bring back great memories. Photo by Larry Gibson


This photo dated 1972 shows 3 Parkersburg PD riders on Juliana street. They are left to right; Jerry Lyons, Bob Nuzum, and unknown. Photo by Larry Gibson


Parkersburg Police Department retiree's Luncheon, City building, 1994. Pictured Front row, left to right kneeling; Tom Dent, Bob Newell, Gib Gaston, Bob Vensel, Bill Rhodes, Randy Parsons, Greg Waybright. Back row; Roger Echard, Jerry Harvey, Don Dougherty, Rick Modesitt, Dave White, Jim Smith, Jim Fought, Jerry Lyons, Jiles Woolard, Bill Wade, Jim Holcomb, H. F. Dougherty, Bill ( Pappy) Lazzell, Dale Eaton, Gerald Board, Larry Gibson, D. L. Buckley Jr, Jim Midkiff, Roger Martin, Lester, ( Buck) Walters, and Don Hale. Photo Courtesy Larry Gibson


Former and retired Chief's of Police in attendance at Police luncheon, May, 1994. Shown left to right; W.W. (Pappy) Lazzell, Dale V. Eaton, H.F. Dougherty, Bill Rhodes, Jim Midkiff, Roger Echard, Jim Holcomb, Larry Gibson, and Chief when photo was taken, Rick Modesitt. Photo Courtesy Larry Gibson


Front row, left to right;  Joseph J. Lantz,  Jiles Woolard , Charles Plum, and Gilbert Gaston. Second Row;  Dale Fluharty, Lt. A.R. Mowery, and Robert Dever. Third Row; Fred Lowers, Frank Snyder and Ron Poe. Photo Courtesy Edna Lowers Limon


Parkersburg Patrolman Vernon G. Cowan mid 1980s Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt


Sept. 1988, Governor Arch Moore visits Parkersburg. Shown left to right are; Officer John Elliott, Chief Larry Gibson shown shaking hands with Gov. Moore, Mayor William P.A. Nicely, and two State Troopers assigned to the Governor's detail. Location was the City Park baseball field where the Governor's Police helicopter set down. Photo Courtesy Larry Gibson


FOP President Rick Modesitt Governor Arch Moore Mayor Bill Nicley Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt


Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the Wood County Airport as he campaign for President Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt


They named a navy ship after John Glen Rick Modesitt with John Glenn in Belpre Ohio Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt


First Lady Hillary Clinton meeting Chief of Police Rick Modesitt and Mayor Eugene Knotts at the wood county airport.  Mrs Clinton regularly flew into wood county airport and visited friends in Athens Ohio ...rarely announced Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt


Corporal Rick Modesitt, Parkersburg Police on  patrol Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt  Late 1970s early 1980s


County Commisser Rick Modesitt invited to a meeting at the Greenbriar to meet Presidential Candidate Rudy Guliani  America's Mayor. Photo Courtesy Rick Modesitt 


Left to right-Ben Nern, Police Clerk; Geo. Fleming; Bert Schwartz; Al Longan, Patrol Wagon Driver; Ed Pickering; Lew Sweezy; Capt. W. A. Smith; Pat Oliver, Chief; Pete Ruble; Wm. Hickman; Wm. McManus; Ed Rutter; Chas. Smith; Dennis Taylor; Lawrence O'Neal; Henry Wigal.


Memorial service for Captain Smith 1925


Parkersburg Police Department 1928 front row: Clarence Murrin, Albert Schwartz, C. H. Watson, chief H. H. Abels, Gordon Williams, Floyd Dugan and C. F. Terrell. Second row: Charles McPherson, Lewis Wood, Harry Dougherty, C. W. Hylbert, W. W. Shutts and Harrison Riggs. Top row: H. S. Wilson, Bud Mehl, Jordan Williams, Frank McPherson, and Ray Shaffer.


FBI crime scene search class of 1947. Front row; W. W. Lazzell, H. H. Rasel, C. E. Winans, C. O. Butcher, J. N. Mehl, R. F. Smith, A. R. Mowery. Back row; Jess Starcher, C. H. Hardman, J. M. Renforth, K. E. Burdette, C N. Rardon, F. Kerrigan, E. Y. Satterfield, M. E. Prince, FBI instructor, Ron Gainer, Bruce Parsons.


class on searching a prisoner. Officer with hands on the car is W. W. Lazzell. Searching officer is C. E. Winans.  1947


Inspection of the Parkersburg, WV Police Department in 1950. Inspectors are; Chief Beckett, Mayor Golden Underwood, and officers (L-R); John Baird, Frank Snyder, H. F. Dougherty and Ron Gainer.


1950 Photo Front row (L-R); Lt. C E. Winans, Lt. H. S. Dougherty, Lt. J. Norman Mehl, Chief Joe Beckett. Second row (L-R); J. Dulin, Clair Snyder, J. M. Renforth, C H, Swain, C. H. Hardman, Hap Grotey, Jess Starcher, W. W. Lazzell, R. C. Gainer, W. S. Hamrick, G. V. Smith, Russell Smith, D. W. Waide, D. Hale, Ken E. Dougherty, J. C. Booth, W. R. Rardon, C. N. Rardon, C O, Butcher, Bruce Parson, Frank Kerrigan, H. F. Dougherty, Corder Weese and E. Y. Satterfield.


Working the radio is Jess Starcher. Standing; Lt. C. E. Winans. Photo taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's.


First Teletype For Parkersburg Police Dept. this photo taken in the 1940's


Police Officer Doug McClain


1983 Dodge Diplomat, standing by the Police Cruiser Officer Doug McClain


Chief Badge  Photo courtesy  Larry Gibson




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