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Rookie Parkersburg Police Officer Leslie Board

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This website is owned by Mackey's Antiques & Clock Repair and has No Connections at all with the Parkersburg Police Department, the Wood County Sheriff Department the West Virginia State Police or any other Law Enforcement. I was brought up to respect all of our Law Enforcement and a lot of the Parkersburg Police were friends of my family growing up in the 1950s to 1980s All of these law Enforcement pages is dedicated to our law enforcement that risk there lives to protect all of us and I Thank All of you for that



Rookie Parkersburg Police Officer Leslie Board, Year Unknown  Picture Courtesy of Leslie Board 


Rookie Parkersburg Police Officer Matthew Board, Year Unknown - Picture Courtesy of Leslie Board


Promotion ceremony, promoted to Lt. 2000 with Chief Newell, Jerry Harvey, Lt. D. G. Barker, D. L. Brown, Chris Moorehead, Lt. T. C. Welch, Captain V. S. Flinn and Mayor Jimmy Columbo Picture Courtesy Thomas Welch


Blaine Ritchie and Thomas Welch at the WVSP Academy in 1994 Picture Courtesy Thomas Welch


Five from the "old school". In 2004, five retirees from the Parkersburg Police Department got together for lunch. They are left to right; Dexter L. Buckley Jr, Larry Gibson, Joseph J. Lantz, Bob Newell, and Jim Midkiff. Picture Courtesy of Larry Gibson


Mowery brothers late 1940;s Russell a new city policeman, Everett a new B & O policeman, and Claude a new mailman. Picture Courtesy of Jim Mowery


A group of officers from local agencies attended the American Prosecutor's Research Institute conference on Gun violence in Austin, Texas with Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Ginny Conley in 2005. Pictured are: Pat Lefebure  (Prosecutor's Office), Reggie Nelson (WV State Police), Barry Murphy (Wood County Sheriff's Office), Scott Carpenter  (Parkersburg Police), Mike Deem (Wood County Sheriff's Office/Vienna PD), and Greg Collins (Parkersburg PD) Picture Courtesy of Barry Murphy


Vienna Police Department 2010 picture courtesy of Steve Stephens


Vienna Police Department Robert Ball, is on the far right, Gary Deem on the left August 1962


left to right, Jim Bowles, Ken Williams, Jerry Lyons, Ron Nonamaker, Dave Shannon, & Lt Buckalew of the West Virginia State Police  Picture Courtesy of Jerry Lyons


Parkersburg PD Honor Guard Steve Pierce, Bob Pickens, Kenny Miller, Doug McClain and Jeff James date unknown Picture Courtesy of Alicia Duffy


Parkersburg PD Honor Guard 3rd from this end George Fox 2nd Doug McClain date unknown Picture Courtesy of Alicia Duffy


Parkersburg Police Picture Courtesy of Alicia Duffy

Parkersburg Police Officer Ron Cowan 1974 Picture Courtesy of Ron Cowan


from left to right: Officer Jerry Lyons, Senator Jennings Randolph, Mayor Nicely, and Officer Ron Nonamaker. Early 1970's  Picture Courtesy of Jerry Lyons


Parkersburg Police Officer Jerry Lyons in 1970 spending 8 hours on the Parkersburg 3 wheel Harley Davidson Picture Courtesy of Jerry Lyons


the photo's taken in the early 1980's  photo looked as a Christmas card . Picture Courtesy of Larry Gibson


photo of Parkersburg's pro football player Walter "Piggy" Barnes, Jimmie Colombo, and Parkersburg Policeman Lt Clair A Snyder Jr. Picture Courtesy Lisa Grewell


Wood County Deputy Greg Foutty 1977 Picture Courtesy of Greg Foutty


Congratulations for 20 Years of Service on the Parkersburg Police Department  George Fox - Jerry Harvey & Don Dougherty, Picture Courtesy Of Jerry Harvey


Front Row Jerry Harvey - Roger Echard -  Rick Modesitt - Governor Caperton - Keith Burdett  Picture Courtesy of Jerry Harvey


A lot of Law Enforcement in Parkersburg, KKK rally in Parkersburg when they arrived they saw large police presence and they drove to corning park and did their small rally there, around 1987 the Parkersburg Police Officer on the far right is Todd Clevenger   Picture Courtesy of Jerry Harvey


Wood County deputy Simon Knotts when he was Chief of Police in New Matamoras. Picture Courtesy of Rachel Nickerson Knotts  Hayton


Parkersburg Police Chief G.E. Board with Capt. Steve. Holland, circa 2007 Picture Courtesy of Steve Holland


Former Parkersburg police Lieutenant Bob Newhouse with 2 of his children. Bob retired, moved to Florida, and passed away several years ago mid 1960s Picture Courtesy of Larry Gibson


Parkersburg Police Capt. Steve Holland 2007 prior to retirement Picture Courtesy of Steve Holland


Wood County Deputy Lt. Jim George 1972


Wood County Deputy Mona Ball 1972


West Virginia State Police Capt Walter White Commanding Co A Horse name was Prince Parkersburg W,VA 1920-23 Picture Courtesy of Brady Stephens


Marietta Manufacturing Co  car is a1957 Desoto has West Virginia Plates Picture Courtesy of Brady Stephens


City Police desk clerk grins at skull Officer Jess Starcher, desk clerk at city police headquarters at City Hall, grins at skull found yesterday by the 20 months old son of Mrs. Curtis Sams of 2908 Grand Ave. beneath the porch of a next door House. Patrolman Starcher admitted the grin was forced and in no way, shape or form does he revel in human skulls. Picture Courtesy of Hank Starcher


Parkersburg Police Officer Jess Starcher. Picture Courtesy of Hank Starcher


Steve Stephens and Vienna Mayor Bill Owens & Mike Winters when they were promoted to Sergeant at Vienna Police Department. Picture Courtesy Steve Stephens


Parkersburg Police Officer Kenny Miller graduating from the academy in Charleston, W. Va., on March 31, 1973. I do not know who any of the others in the photo.  Picture Courtesy Alicia Duffy 


WV professional Fire Fighter's Association convention held in Parkersburg mid to late 1980's. Speaking at podium is Parkersburg Police Chief Larry Gibson, seated to his left is Mayor William P.A. Nicely, and Parkersburg Fire Department Chief Steve Gainer. Picture Courtesy Larry Gibson


Wood County Deputy Greg Foutty 1976 Picture Courtesy Greg Foutty


Retired Chief's Jim Midkiff (on left), and Larry Gibson ( right), present a letter to Chief Gerald Board, obtained on Ebay . Letter is from Parkersburg Chief of Police Walter Barr, to Mayor A. C. Murdoch, and is dated August 2, 1904, Picture Courtesy Larry Gibson


Mayor Murdoch on left, and Chief Barr on right August 2, 1904 . Photo is located in the police museum, Parkersburg Police Picture Courtesy Larry Gibson Department


Parkersburg Police Officer Blaine Ritchie


Parkersburg Police Officer Blaine Ritchie & his K 9 Tasha


Wood County Deputy Brady Stephens Picture Courtesy Brady Stephens


The sheriff and deputies are decked out in new summer light weight uniforms. Deputies Glen Gainer, O.J. Stanley, and Dan Ward, Sheriff Ira Wharton, Jailer Cecil Marlow and Deputy Don Kreaps. June 26, 1965 Picture Courtesy Sheryl Jo Anderson Wilson


DNR Officer Elmer L. Anderson mid 1950s  Picture Courtesy Sheryl Jo Anderson Wilson


Jerry Lyons This photo was taken after Graduation from the Metropolitan Police Department Washington D.C. Police Academy which was 23 weeks. The number 13 on each collar represented the 13th precinct. in 1970 Jerry Joined the Parkersburg Police Department. Picture Courtesy Jerry Lyons


Here is a Picture of the Special Olympics 1980 Parkersburg Policeman Ron Cowan, and the two kids are Bob Gamble & Debbie ? Ron was on the Police Department for 12 years, Picture Courtesy Tami Peterson Hammel


Special Olympics 1980 Parkersburg Police Officer Jerry Harvey, and Jim Johnson. Picture Courtesy Tami Peterson Hammel


Mark Harris Wood County Sheriffs Office 1987 Picture Courtesy Mark Harris


Parkersburg Policeman Dexter Lewis Buckley, Sr. This is a picture of him in uniform in 1944 posing with me and his hunting companion. 1944 Picture Courtesy Sue Buckley Tennant


25th anniversary for Todd Clevenger on the Parkersburg Police Department, On the left is chief Tom Dent center is Todd Clevenger On the right is Mayor Jimmy Columbo September 4, 1999. Picture Courtesy of Todd Clevenger


Detective Bureau Sitting: Kenny Miller, Ken Williams, Jeff Williams, Standing: Roger Bradley, Craig Walkup, Steve Pierce, Mark McKain, Linda Reed, Ron Brannon, Lance Wilson, Jim Smith 1993 Picture Courtesy of Craig Walkup  



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