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At the Car Lot on Gihon Road. the Car Door says City Of Parkersburg Traffic Dept. Radar Safety car 19. the guy on the left Is Frank Snyder. the other guy George Fox 1955



Parkersburg Motormen and Conductors, about 1910. During  the early years of this century, electric streetcars were the major users of electricity in the Parkersburg service area. Then, as now, employees played an important role in providing a vital service to our customers.


Interior of Monongahela's Appliance Store in Downtown Parkersburg, about 1931. The  Stores were Frequent stopping places for the shopper and the "curious" who wanted to learn what was new in the time saving and innovative world of Electric Appliances


Early Electric Truck to set Poles in the Parkersburg Area 1920s 


The Wood County Bank Building is shown here before remodeling was commenced in the early 1950's


The years have gone by and the mode of transportation look different but the slogan has remained the same for J. W. Dudley Sons Company now Dudley's Florist. One of the three delivery trucks bears the same "Say It with Flowers " 1920s


Johnson Soda Grill 529 Market Street next door is the Surprise Store late 1940s early 1950s


This Photograph, taken in 1915, shows the interior of the A & P Grocery store located at 525 Market ST. where Dils Department Store now stands. Anne t. Acton, left, was manager and Joseph m. Acton, right, was the clerk.




The DeSales Heights Convent is one of the area's landmarks where girls from all over the world have been educated and trained since a community of eight nuns arrived here August 6, 1864 from the Maryland area, a year shy of the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee  at  Appamattox ending the Civil War. this landmark was demolished in 2002


On the Juliana street Bridge across the Little Kanawha River at Parkersburg. All the piers for the structure the steel super structure and the south abutment are all in place and work is continuing on the two remaining contracts -one for  the south abutment are all in place and work is continuing on the two remaining contracts and for the south approach the other for the north approach deck, signalization lighting and signing, total value of the 4 contracts are $4.9 million the existing Juliana street Bridge (right )   will be razed upon completion of the new bridge, which is slated to occur before the end of next year,  November 1971


Surgery room at St. Joseph's Hospital in 1931.


This photograph, taken in 1935, shows the Nehi Bottling Works located at 704 Jeanett St. Parkersburg. Patrick J. Garvey was the owner.

This is a photograph taken on East Street looking south toward the East Street Bridge and the Overpass of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's a Mainline. To the right was located the Union Stockyards and the B & 0 Railroad yards. The year is thought to be 1931 or 1932. The streetcars disappeared from the city in 1947.


this three story brick structure built in 1894, shown in this September 1928 photo, is slated for demolition, with the cleared space to be used for private parking. The frame structure to its right already has been torn down and future plans call for removal of the adjacent brick building for parking, according to a spokesman for the ownership of the latter two buildings. Also shown is the rear of the Camden Theater which was destroyed by fire a little over a year after the picture was taken.



This 1922 Model T Ford truck graphically illustrates the growth and changes in the telephone industry in Parkersburg. One of the earliest C & P Telephone co. service trucks it was driven by repairman Arthur C. Logan pictured here with the rig.


does it look familiar? It is one of Parkersburg's electrically operated street cars which  ran  on  rails on Market Street, only to be replaced, in time by the buses which followed.


This photograph was taken about 1920 and shows the delivery truck for the Home Bakery, located at 928-930 Seventh St. Edward Barrett was manager.


This photograph is thought to have been taken near The Point in Parkersburg. The truck of the Star Grocery Co. could appear to date the photo around 1916. The horse drawn freight wagon was owned by Wiant and Barr Hardware. The stern wheel gasoline boat bears the name "Deem Brothers.


This was Parkersburg's taxi service in 1905. The Feldner Transfer and Livery, Eighth and Avery streets provided cab service, funeral service, social calls, wedding parties, theater trips, etc. in conveyances boasting true horsepower.


The Feldner Transfer and Livery, Eighth and Avery streets provided cab service, funeral service, social calls, wedding parties, theater trips, Baggage delivered to all parts of the city,  1912


 The Bijou and Crescent Dairy Lunch Rooms 302 1/2 market street 601 market street 1912 



this photograph, taken in 1908, shows the intersection of Ann, Murdoch and Eighth streets where the Wind mill service station was located. located. The Revoluntionary Soldiers Monument was erected in 1908 by the James Wood Chapter, daughters of the American Revolution, and later moved to the City Park. The monument reads:

In Memory of the Soldiers of the American revolution buried in Wood County Capt. James

Neal, Capt. John James, Lieut. Samuel Bell, Ord. Sergt. Francis Langfitt, Bailey Rice, Richard Mayhew, Matthe Maddox and Spencer Sharp These Men Freely Offered on the Altar of Their Country,  Their Lives, Their Fortunes, and Their Sacred Honor


  Newberry Brothers Hardware Pike Street early 1930s


The H. C. Stanley and Son Grocery store on Pike Street when the Elder Stanley Bought it in 1926


                           STUART OIL COMPANY 520 PIKE STREET    1930s







Mose Deem cutting the hair of Melvin Province. Taken in Mose Deem barber shop on Pike St. The building is now Stuart Oil. Taken 1928


Mose Deem on the left with the hat on. Taken 1898 in front of his barber shop. It was located under the old Julianna St bridge on the South Side.


The statue of Judge Jackson at the front of the Wood county courthouse in the picture views with serene dignity the effects of the record snowstorms which struck this area. The deep snow rutted and potholed provided hazards for drivers, and crews shoveled snow from many of the flat roofed buildings shown when it was found that its weight imperiled the structures.  1950


The Exterior view of Ralph's Super Market Pike Street 1959 or 60


Intersection of Route 21 - Blizzard Drive  and Broadway Ave. 1949


F. E. Keith and his wife, Aurellia, above, stand In front of a display at Keith's Big Red Market on Broadway Ave in 1946.



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