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Unusual Early picture of Parkersburg, an Army appears to say Co A Parkersburg could this could be Fort Boreman hill, from the Johnson Family Scrap Book Courtesy Gary Traugh


The Chancellor Esso Service Station on 7th street next door to the Chancellor hotel was later Rex Kings Parking Lot this picture 1930s


Ken Leach South Penn Pennzoil Gas station 313 7th Street this is Between Union Trust Bank & the Willmar Cafeteria  this is the Spot that G. C. Murphy's would later locate there store in Parkersburg 1940s


McClinton Chevrolet Co., Successor to Parkersburg Automobile Co. was founded in 1915 by J. S .McClinton, this photo was taken in a bout 1936 at McClinton's Eighth and Avery Streets location 


Mahone Tire Service 8th & Avery street 1947


 O. J. Stout & Company on Market Street, circa 1925


Train in Parkersburg's City Park, 1949  


Kiddie-Air-O-Plane ride at City Park in 1947


Mr. Battin and Buckwheat at Parkersburg City Park


Mr. Battin and Buckwheat at Parkersburg City Park


This photo was taken in 1912 of the ST. James Hotel at 800 7th ST. 


John Johnson of Johnson Run, off old St. Mary's Pike, with his team, working the ground at the Parkersburg High School early around 1918.


Two cars at the Parkersburg Trolley Barn in 1902


Hardman's restaurant and sandwich shop at the corner of Broadway and Camden Ave taken in 1938 


Jimmy Columbo with his famous Pizza around 1958


Former Employees of the Silk Mill that was in Vienna, WV held a reunion at the City Park in Parkersburg. 1955


4th and Market Street Late 1940s


Wood County Commission 1920's Seated on left is Earl Alleman, commissioner others are Frank Barrett, Commissioner, Mr. Gilkenson, Commissioner. and Edgar Pahl County Clerk.


Jim McClinton's car sitting in the railroad yard. This is late 70's....long after the old 6th Street Station had been torn down and he kept it parked up behind Parkersburg Office Supply


Melvin and Grace Roush in Front of their The Banner Print Shop, on Fourth Street. Mid 1950's.


The photo was taken at the corner of Fifth and Market Streets, looking northward, in 1920, during the weeks when Parkersburg paved its downtown streets. John R. Kennedy’s Kennedy Construction Company, located at 215 Fourth Street, led the project. The city had built the iron “WELCOME” arch, wired with hundreds of lights, a dozen years earlier, in 1908, to welcome the Grand Council of the United Commercial Travelers, which held its convention in Parkersburg that year. The city removed the arch in 1927


Arthur Boreman Home on Corner 4th and Avery


Parkersburg, around the year 1861


The Boaz Milling Company. Max Burge had a few of these bags and framed one.  


Early Picture of DeSales Heights


RPPC- Parkersburg, West Virginia- Parade- PM 1914. Identified as the Wheeling Lodge #28. 


Mid-1950's Photograph of the Employees in the Meat Department at the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A & P  ) on Ann Street in Parkersburg.


Parkersburg Creamery on 7th St


Snowstorm in down town Parkersburg 1940


City Lines near Parkersburg City Park


Parkersburg, Marietta & Inter-Urban Trolley Car in 1910


 Car 30 in Parkersburg, 1910


Criss Concrete in late 40's Alonzo Moore with one of his first Mixers.


The city of Parkersburg The Camden Refining Plant became the chief source of kerosene for much of the South and the West. 1906


Flood Waters at Camden-Clark Hospital 1937


This fire station (seen here in 1950) stood at the Southeast corner of Lynn and Wood St


Monogahela-Penn #114 on Juliana Street.


WPAR Radio 1450 on your Radio dial, DJ Larry Dale with a Album of Slim Whitman


Vienna Fire Dept. 1940's. I don't have any Names.


The Ferry that operated between Parkersburg, West Virginia, and Belpre, Ohio.  The picture shows an old pickup truck and an old bus on the ferry.  On the back of the card it says that the ferry offered 24-hour service on a 10-minute schedule.  Autos save 24 miles, trucks 34 miles.  Cross the beautiful Ohio River and see historic Blennerhassett Island.  Stay on U. S. Route 50.  The postage box says “One Cent Stamp Here


Sid's Furniture Staff in Parkersburg, WV circa 1937...from the left; Conard Jones, Sid Ardman, Dave Murphy, 3 unknown women, Dick Fowler and unknown man


Pictured here is a crowd gathered around the old Dils Bros & Co store. Clearly visible in the photograph are three skiffs. Skiffs became the primary mode of transportation during the 1913 flood. Skiff owners seized on the opportunity to make a little money by transporting goods for merchants or stranded citizens. Newspaper reports noted that some skiff owners were charging $1 an hour for their services.


The Parkersburg street car barn was located on the north side of Nineteenth Street, just east of St. Mary's Avenue.

Flood Water around The City Bldg. beyond it is a sign for the Hippodrome 5th St at market.


The Royal Furniture Co. owned by William Howell. 317 Juliana St.


Parkersburg Fruit Company, 227-229 Ann Street 1920


M. J Belt and employees Parkersburg 1930s Picture Courtesy Phil Howerton

Richard Black, front driver for coke in Parkersburg, about 1952 Picture Courtesy Phil Howerton



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