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Parkersburg Mill 1935


Display boards at 7th & Avery Street showing triple design lighted at night 1935


The story of the STORCK BAKING COMPANY is an industrial romance. Lewis Storck, whose death occurred in 1934, first entered the baking business in Wellsburg, W. Va., 35 years ago. A few years later he, moved to Wheeling and became associated with Frederick Frazier. This joint business was sold to the General Baking Company and Mr. Storck was placed in charge as manager. In 1919 he came to Parkersburg seeking a location for an investment under his own name. The Storck Baking Company was established in 1919. The original plant was enlarged in 1924 and later in 1928. By sound business practace, honesty and the manufacture and sale of a quality product, the best that experience and modern equipment can produce, has grown today to a plant with 28,000 sq. ft. of floor space, modern and of fireproof construction, operating 24 trucks to serve the 900 dealers within a 75-mile radius in both West Virginia and Ohio, serving as far south as Huntington and as far north as Wheeling. Air-conditioned mixing rooms, high speed mixers, each capable of mixing 10 barrels of flour at a time, a traveling oven capable of producing 2,500 loaves per hour, in addition to two other ovens with a capacity of 1,200 loaves each per hour, and a total of 70 employees. A cake department is also an innovation in modern equipment and sanitary handling. The annual output of this plant is approximately 8,000,000 loaves of "Storck's New life Breed." Paul G. Sayre is the manager and has been with the company since 1925. H. E. Tidd is. the sales manager. This bakery is a member of the Quality Bakers of America. 1935


Inside Storck Baking Company 1935


Inside Storck Baking Company 1935


Inside Storck Baking Company 1935


The G. E. Smith, Jeweler Established in Parkersburg in I852 as G. E. Smith, Jeweler, by Gustavus Edward Smith, G. E. SMITH'S SON is the oldest jewelry store in West Virginia. The founder of this business, which' likewise is one of the state's most exclusive stores. was later joined by his two sons-Herman Otto Smith and Frank S. Smith-to form the firm name of G. E. Smith & Sons. Upon the death of G. Smith the firm became known as G. E. Smith's Sons and became G. E. Smith's Son when Frank Smith left the business. H. O. Smith died in the summer of 1933 and the store was managed by G. E. Smith, grandson of the original G. E Smith, the founder. This historic jewelry firm has therefore .come down through e period of 83 years under the management and ownership of three generations. 1935


The G. E. Smith, Jeweler 1935


THE HOME DAIRY For the past eight years the Home Dairy has served the people of Parkersburg with the best grades of pasteurized milk, in every case milk that comes from carefully chosen herds. Five trucks are used in regular milk delivery. Cottage cheese, butter, culture buttermilk, end ice cream for the use of the retail outlet located in the plant, and more recently delicious orange drinks, the Bierley product, is bottled and sold through retail fountains and soft drink dispensers in the territory. This milk is pasteurized and handled in the most sanitary end modern plant that can be built. The product meets the requirements of most discriminating users of this product. Ten people are employed. This business is a corporation and principally owned and managed- by C. C. Archer, a twenty-year resident of Parkersburg and one of the city's more active business men. 1935


P. J. Garvey, owner and. manager of the NEHI BOTIUNG CO., and the Tripure Water Company, bought the business in 1915 and moved the plant to its present location in 1928. This company bottles Nehi, Windsor Castle Ginger Ale, and all classes of sodas. They operate a total of nine trucks, reaching as far east as Pennsboro and including the entire county of Washington, in Ohio. Twelve people are given employment the year round. The Tripure Water Company distributes distilled water to drug stores, hotels, garages and public buildings. An extensive wholesale candy and confectionery business has been developed in connection with this extensive bottling business. 1935


inside NEHI Bottling Plant 1935


Monongahela System retail store from which many new electrical appliances have been introduced to Parkersburg homes 1935


Modern, efficient and adequate are the facilities of the Monongahela System for furnishing electric to the Trolley's and  light and power services in the Parkersburg area. The rates, recently reduced, are among the lowest in the country and have been an important factor in the industrial and civic development of the community. The Monongahela Company is vitally interested in the future of Parkersburg and its citizens and cooperates wholeheartedly in every worthwhile community movement. 1935


This business established in 1920 has grown into one of the leading smaller industries and service businesses of Parkersburg. They serve within a 300-mile radius and have to their credit some of the bigger sheet metal construction jobs of recent years. The factory is located on 13th Street, and have been in the new plant for 13 years. They employ 25 to 50 men, depending on the volume of business. J. T. Burrows is the manager. Four trucks are operated 1935


Interior of Peacock Cafe, T. D. Keramidas, Owner THE PEACOCK CAFE, owned and operated by T. D. Keramidas Market Street, opposite the Chancellor Hotel. is one of the finest eating places in the state. It has employed every known modern convenience the comfort of its guests. The manager first started in 1911 in Parkersburg and has since that time been an active and citizen. The Peacock Cafe was opened in 1932. The beautiful Vitrolite, Parkersburg product, is used in interior finish and decoration. 1935


Dye, Rutter & Dye, Horseshoes, No. 314 Williams Court Alley Parkersburg 1906. Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Louis N. Pickens 240 Court Square Parkersburg phone 907 (One of the old firm in a new place) Dealer in Raw Furs Hides, Wool, Ginseng, Rubber, Roots, etc. July 1 1922


Baltimore & Ohio Rail inspection building Parkersburg W,VA. Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


When Ernest Grimm opened the Parkersburg Coca Cola Plant in 1901 and first started production in Parkersburg in 1901, the first case of the assembly line was held back " not for sale " saved for Ernest Grimm Family, these 3 bottles are out of that first case produced in Parkersburg. these Bottles today are in the collection and owned by Garry Traugh 


Bottle is the very last Bottle off the assembly line that was ever produced at the Parkersburg Coca Cola Plant in 1977 this Bottle today is in the collection and owned by Garry Traugh 


Park O Loft under Construction Mid 1950s Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


The School printing Co. Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Interior of Boremans Drug Store 513-515 Market street Parkersburg Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Sunoco Service Station corner of 5th & green street beside sears, Mid 1950s Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Nov 19 1984 Misty Manufacturing Ann street between 3rd & 4th formerly Yonkers  Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Old Monongahela crew W. H. Cooper far left picture taken on Monongahela property at 3rd Avery old Wood County jail in background  Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


State Route 47 Initial paving right outside of Parkersburg, Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Juliana street bridge 1897 Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


White Bakery, Market Street later was were the Parker Theater was Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Monongahela Power line Department burned out building in rear of Jackson Hotel at the timer of the fire occupied by United Woolen Mills in this picture Billy Gifford- Nig Robunson - Frank Dye- Dorr Vaught- Joe Cross . Vernon Callihan - Doggie Woollard- Si Sindledecker- Ed Gant - Herb Stealy - Archie Houck- Ott Grandon - Cy Hall - Pappy Piggott - Ernie Gant  Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


McCroy's 5th & Market Oct 1986 Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


G. C. Murphy Co 7th street Parkersburg Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Coxs Department store Closed 1984 Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Montgomery Ward 8th & Market Streets mid 1950s Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Montgomery Ward 8th & Market Streets mid 1950s Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh



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