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In 1905 Frank  Fenton and his brother John pooled their resources a total of $284.86 and began the Fenton Art Glass Company as a decorating  firm in Martin's Ferry Ohio . about a year later unable to buy the Glass they needed, they decided to build their own plant in Williamstown WV. the Company produced its first glass crystal - crystal creamers in patterns 8 on January 2 1907  

In 1910 workers in the Fenton Art Glass packing department Fill Barrels with glassware and straw for shipping.    

In the Early years of production Fenton Art Glass was sometimes loaded on Steamboats going on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to reach the markets from Pittsburgh to New Orleans . the man in the light suit in the lower right corner is the company founder Frank Fenton.


 In 1863 John Dudley opened a produce store on Market that later became Dudley 's Florist. today is the  oldest Wood County Continuously operating business. Dudley Avenue the Street in front of Parkersburg High School was named after the large Dudley Greenhouse located just North of the high school.


Bicycles first appeared in Parkersburg in the late 1800s and were Immediately popular. a group of male cyclers formed the Blennerhassett Bicycle club. Seen here in 1889


R. E. Horner as proprietor and John W Horner as Editor started the Parkersburg Sentinel as a weekly news on July 17th 1875. Subscriptions were $2. a year the newspaper delivery boys pictured promised speedy delivery on their Motorcycles.


Cecil Amiss ( front ) and Hugh Johnson pose on one of the first Motorcycles in Parkersburg in 1910. the Thor Moto Cycle and Bicycle Company was founded in 1903.  


Parkersburg's fire Department began in 1887 when a fire warden was appointed to examine the stovepipes, fireplaces, flues and chimneys in each and every house with in the limits of the city. pictured are the original paid fireman, indentified  from left to right Bill Hydenruch, Walter Pilcher, Capt. John Montgomery, Ed Chaddock and Charles Groomsman


Horses were Important in the Beginning of the Parkersburg fire department. Rregulations required that the driver who was not a Fireman. take excellent care of the Horses


The Majestic Radio comes to Parkersburg , called the Tombstone because of its Tombstone like shape. 1920s


In 1908 Lou Murphy, a store keeper in Murphytown , Hitched his Team of Horses and went to Parkersburg for a load of Groceries. he stopped at the International Harvester Dealer to look at new cars and told the sales man, if you can get one of those through that axle deep mud to Murphytown, I'll buy it!  Shortly after he returned home and unloaded his Groceries, the Car, a 1906 International Harvester Motor Vehicle, pulled up in front of his store!


C. Z. Ruth Owner of Ruth's Furniture store in Parkersburg , enjoy driving out in the country in his 1911 Selden  

In one year as "Positive proof of Dodge Dependability." the Car advertised one of Parkersburg 's earliest car dealer ships, Oesterle and Mullen, founded in 1923 by Earl Oesterle . Vincent Mullen. the three men stand in front of J. Vincent Mullen's house on upper Market Street

In the late 1920s, C.T. Leavitt and his son, Charles, went to Cincinnati to purchase a Motorized Hearse from the Sayers and Scovial Company. the vehicle shown had a horse-drawn hearse body that was placed on an Oldsmobile Chassis. although this was the beginning of the end for horse-drawn Hearses, people still occasionally request a Horse drawn Carriage


McHenry Electric Co. supplied 16 new GE Refrigerators, one for each Apartment, at the Virginia Apartments on Tenth Street , early 1930s. E. J.  McHenry opened his Parkersburg Business about 1914

Jacob Adams Built his Steam Mill at the foot of Second Street near the Ohio River in Belleville for  H. H. Pennybacker and a Mr. Wells sometime before 1886. this is the only remaining picture of the mill, which was known as the "big red mill." Farmers brought their wheat to the mill to be ground into flour, which was shipped in barrels made by the local Cooper Plant. the flood of 1913 Damaged but did not remove the mill. however, the proprietors were not able to take the Mill operational again and it was Dismantled.


:Small farmers usually did not own their own Threshing Machine, instead, they hired Thresher Man to bring his rig to their field. when all was ready, the farmer and his neighbors went out into the field to load shocks of wheat onto a horse-drawn wagon. after the wagon was filled, the wheat was brought to the threshing machine and pitched onto the threshing machine's bundle feeder, where the grain was separated from the stalk 


Wig Bickel's sudden, sad demise, brought tears of grief to many eyes, for he had warm friends far and wide, over West Virginia's countryside. a real Wood Countian by birth, to him the dearest spot on earth, where he resolved, deep in his soul, to strive to reach a lofty goal. an energetic, self-made man, who started in his youth to plan to play through life a fair, square game, and be an honor to his name! he built a picturesque abode, beside the quiet Lubeck Road, where in enclosures, grazing near, were Bison, Moose and Elk and Deer. Wig Bickel's fame was nationwide, Arabian Horses were his pride, and mounted on a snow white steed, he was most picturesque indeed! he that had friends among the great, was kind to those of low estate, his smiles were bright, his .heart was big, and children loved good "Uncle Wig   


Mineral Wells Farmers brought their produce to Creel Station along the Little Kanawha Railroad to have it carried by Train to market. built in 1898, the Little-Kanawha Railroad operated from Parkersburg to Palestine until the 1930s.


Gus Meintel Economy Shoe Repair Shop 225 6th St. 1921


Some of Parkersburg 's Earliest Automobiles parked outside a garage in the 600 block of Juliana Street , circa 1902. far right: Garage owner/ Oil Producer E. W. Mallory.


McClinton Chevrolet Co., Successor to Parkersburg Automobile Co., was founded in1915 by J. S. McClinton, standing second from left. this photo was taken in a bout 1936 at McClinton's Eighth and Avery streets location


Earl Oesterle and Vint Mullen owned a Dodge Dealership at 409 Eighth St. Parkersburg , Circa 1937. the YWCA sat behind the Car/ Truck Business


Joe P. Snyder, center, Owned a Service Station at the corner of Murdoch Avenue and Lakeview Drive , Circa 1926.



 Market Street down town Parkersburg WV showing the Camden & Lincoln Theater's Mid 1920s