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A piece of railroad history returned to Ames when Hal Harkness unveiled his H. K. Porter Steam Locomotive. Built in 1934, the 42 ton, 2-4-0 configuration locomotive is the result of over 4 years effort by Hal to restore this piece of railroad history. When built, the locomotive cost approximately $50,000 and today it would cost approximately $500,000 to $750,000 to build such an engine. Steam locomotives are still being built in China. The Hal Harkness family recently acquired two 1926 steam era coaches to accompany the locomotive and plans are to own and operate a small tourist railroad in West Virginia, similar to the Nelsonville, Ohio operation. Picture Courtesy of Franklin Shepherd  


Umplebys esso, Camden and Division, Circa 1960. Parkersburg. Photo by Dave Ferrell



Before South Parkersburg was incorporated into Parkersburg on July 27, 1950, "The South Parkersburg Volunteer Fire Department" provided fire protection for over 15,000 people. This included 10,738 who lived in the incorporated area. The group served the community from October 1941 when the first pumper arrived until the incorporation in 1950. The group handled over 440 fires during that time period. Shown in the picture are some of the original fire fighters with Chief Samuel Kirk in the white helmet.


Yielky's Hamburger's Camden Ave


McPherson Store Building Fort Neal, S. E. Corner Pike & Camden



Division Street & Camden Ave heading to the 5th street bridge mid to Mid 1950s


Division Street & Camden Ave mid to late 1950s


Jones Bakery 808 Division Street. and Geer's Grocery corner of 9th & Division 1964 Parkersburg. Photo by Dave Ferrell


Jones Bakery 808 Division Street & Kens Hardware Division street. 1964 Parkersburg. Photo by Dave Ferrell


Horse Shoe at the old Franklin Junior High School now Parkersburg South High School


The old Shack behind old Franklin Junior High School 1958 now Parkersburg South High School


Jim Martin's truck stop across from old Franklin Junior High School on Blizzard Drive 1958


Old UPC Church on Camden Ave Rev. J. C. Cole the Preacher,  Sam Wolfe house at the left 1957


Car Lot on Gihon Road just after Dad bought it in 1953 the picture was not developed till 1954 this use to be Part of Guinn's Airport & Flying Service Gihon Road close to the corner of Capitol Drive beside Cook Motor Line.


View of South Parkersburg from Myrtle Street 1949


Looking from Tygart School you can see the back side of Jimbo's drive inn 1958


Villers Nash, Rambler ( Wimpy Villers ) mid 1950s


Wilbur T. Villers ( Wimpy & Wib ) built Esso Service Station at 2507 Camden Ave. in 1946 moved from Esso behind Bows Drug Store, stated that Esso in 1938, ran station for 2 or 3 yeas then rented to Gib Westfall and ? Allman and later to Dale Holbert for many years. built a show room and sold crosley cars from 1947 - 1952 sold Renalt in 1953 sold Nash in 1954 but 55 model's   Picture Courtesy of Larry Villers


The old 1,029 foot long Juliana. St. Bridge was opened on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1892. View from the Southside of the Little Kanawha looking North across the old Juliana Street bridge. Note the name on the Jon boat: Titanic. 1913 Flood. this Picture Courtesy of Tim Archer 


This was simply known as the end of the old Juliana Street bridge at Marrtown


Jimbo's Drive Inn owned by Jim Lilly a big hang out for people back in the mid to late 1950s up to 1976



Clemet & Ada Ludwig  beside there store Ludwig's Groceries 10th Ave 1950s


Shattuck Park on Broadway Ave. 1922


Neal Run Bridge. on Camden Ave Jan. 1957 Picture Courtesy of Bonnie Taylor 

Southside Parkersburg right after 1913 Flood


Golston Rambler Camden Ave. 1964, Parkersburg WV. Photo by Dave Ferrell.


Custom Body Shop former  " Honest Bills Used Cars " owned by Darrell ( Bill ) Flinn Broadway & Pike Street. Photo by Dave Ferrell


Terry's Auto Repair in South Parkersburg about 1979. He was The VW guy for years. Tom Amos, Bobby Vanscoy and Terry Deem Picture Courtesy Dave Ferrell


Kens Hardware Division street. Dale Adams Esso . 1964 Parkersburg. Photo by Dave Ferrell


Thorns Super Market 9th & Division St.1964 Parkersburg. Photo by Dave Ferrell


Holiday Drive in, Pike street Parkersburg. Photo by Dave Ferrell


Hecks, Holiday Drive in Holiday Drive in.  Photo by Dave Ferrell.


Blizzard home. Photo by Dave Ferrell. Near Pike at Blizzard Drive


Pike at Blizzard, Photo by Dave Ferrell


Route 2 South and Divion  Photo by Dave Ferrell



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