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View Seldom Seen of Parkersburg High School 7th Street 1909


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Here you see the first " coached " Parkersburg Big Red football team, far different in garb than the streamlined model which will appear at Laidley field Saturday. The team of 1904 was coached by Paul Lehman, now a local salesman. He is standing in rear. Sprawled out in front is Mascot Otto Lehman, brother of the coach. (He owned the ball). on the extreme left, from back to front in the picture, are: Pennybaker (with the headgear ) later of Ohio U.; McClure, later of W. and J.; Harris, later of W. and J.; and Dils, later of Duquesne. In the next line (just to the left of the coach) are, back to front: Carter, later of West Virginia; Tucker, later of Cincinnati. and O'Toole, later of Bethany. In front of Couch Lehman are Stone, later of Ohio State, and Captain Dick Hoblitzell (with the ball) who became a big- league first baseman and managed the Charleston Senators in 1931. The four to the right of the coach, back to front, are : Flinn, later of Georgetown ; Gainor, later of Georgetown; Rampp, later of Carnegie Tech and Olivor, later oCPenn. The two, at extrema right are: Stewart, later of Michigan; and Pendleton, with the Home Owners Loan in Charleston until his death. Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Here is a real piece of Parkersburg History, this is the Original Football used in Parkersburg High Schools First coached Big Red Football team, this is the same Football in the 1904 picture I posted Yesterday.  This Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh



1937 Parkersburg Big Red football Home Games, Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Parkersburg Big Red banner, Picture Courtesy Gary Traugh


Parkersburg High School Orchestra 1910


Parkersburg High School Class of 1911


Parkersburg High School Class of 1912


View Seldom Seen of Parkersburg High School 7th Street 1909


PHS Basketball Team 1910


1910 PHS Glee Club Back Row Carfer, Ruth, Graham, Byers, Starling, McHenry, Bacchus,

Middle Row Moore, Ruddell, Johnson, Mrs Bryan Director, Freed, W. Sayre, Mr. Quick, Pianist,

Front Row Gass, Maquis, Tabler, Gangwer, Hutchinson, F. Sayre, Lynch    


1911 PHS Base ball Team


1911 PHS Track Team


1911 PHS Football Team


1912 PHS Orpheus Club


1912 PHS Track Team


1912 PHS Football Team


1912 PHS Basketball Team


1912 PHS Baseball Team


1914 PHS Football 


1914 PHS Boys Basketball Team


1914 PHS Girls Basketball Team


1914 PHS High School Orchestra


1919 PHS Parkersburg High School


1919 PHS Parkersburg High School Auditorium


1919 PHS Girls Basketball Team


1919 PHS Track Team


1918 PHS Big Red Football State Champion 


1919 PHS Cadet Corps


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