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Hazel Morris & her son Ed inside B & R super market ( Bill & Roys ) 2106 Pike Street June 1956 - Ralph Loony next door 2108 pike street had a produce market. later Ralph bought out B & R and started Ralph's Super Market. Ralph's closed in 2010 and the building was demolished  


The Clam House 815 7th St. date unknown. 1950's it was probably the most popular Restaurant in the East End of Parkersburg. picture courtesy Roger Nedeff

Old Captain "Doug" Landed in Parkersburg in 1937 and Launched the "Clam House" March 4th 1938 at 815 7th Street  Parkersburg, W. VA. seating capacity 400 Delectable Foods From The Seven Seas And The World's Finest Steaks if it Swims we have it. Old Captain "Doug" line Ohio valley's best known seafood restaurant, dining rooms open 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Fridays & Saturdays to 3:30 a.m. seafood market open 8:00 a.m.


Inside The Clam House 815 7th St. date unknown. 1950's it was probably the most popular Restaurant in the East End of Parkersburg. picture courtesy Roger Nedeff

Belpre Bridge Service Station by Belpre Bridge, Fifth & Ann Street Late 1920s Early 30s

Jimmy Colombo owner of Jimmy Colombo's Restaurant. one of the Popular Restaurant's in Parkersburg. a lot of People did not know that jimmy was a boxer. if you got out of line in his Restaurant. Jimmy could put you out. Jimmy was a friend of my dad. this picture was late 1950s or early 1960s.


F. H. Markey with his Car decked out for a parade in downtown Parkersburg 1930s


The Fort Neal Service Station in South Parkersburg was one of the early service stations in the area. in the 1924 Parkersburg Directory the station Advertised "Gas, Oil, Grease, Accessories


May 23, 1943 Victory' Trolley Placed in Operation Here Pictured above Is the new red, white and blue "Victory" trolley recently placed In operation by the Monongahela West Penn Public Service company In cooperation with the Wood County War Savings staff. The trolley one of the newer cars owned by the transportation company, has been seen on the various lines of the streetcar company during the past week. Its name "Victory" appears in the upper corner opposite the name of the line it is to serve. Pictured left to right: Ray L. McKim vice chairman of the Wood County War Savings staff; Fayette C. Smoot, chairman of the Wood County War Savings staff; Orpha Cross, reporter and Paul O. Summers division manager of the Monongahela West Penn Public Service company. 1943


Horses Parade in front of the Grandstand at the Bickel Track alone Lubeck Road. 


An Aerial view of W. H. "Wig" Bickel's Track and Homestead


During the 1930s, '40 And '50s, Area Residents Danced to Popular Tunes inside Parkersburg 's Coliseum. it was billed as West Virginia's largest Ballroom with 18,000 square feet of floor space

The Nina Paden ferried passengers across the Ohio river from Parkersburg to Belpre until 1916. the fare was 5 cents a Passenger and 25 cents for Horse and Buggy.


The Camden Works of Standard Oil Co. Along the Little Kanawha river in Parkersburg ,1890s. beginning in the 1860s, the Oil and Gas Industry played a major role in the County's Economy. Oil Well Supply Co. set up shop at 210-212 Ann ST


Mary McVey, second from left, Operated Peoples Restaurant, 208 Third St. Circa 1917. the Parkersburg eatery was owned by Mary's Brother, Clement McVey.


Owner Tony Dukas, left, in the Busy Bee Restaurant at 406 Market ST. circa 1942. seated at counter is Accountant Ed Pratt


Belleville's Memorial day Parade, Circa 1900.

Children's Day Celebration at Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church, Turkey Foot Road , Mineral Wells, in 1921



Windmill Service Station 1950s


Spencer K. Creel of Staunton Pike (Route 47) Represented Wood County in the House of Delegates from the 1930s through the 1960s, was Chairman of the state Republican executive committee, owned Parkersburg Welding Co., and was a longtime Pilot. Creel died in 1979 at the age of 88.  


Milton and Blanche School Craft's Grocery store, Court Square, Parkersburg, circa 1930

Fearing possible charges of Treason for his involvement with the society of United Irishmen and facing harsh criticism for marrying his Niece, Harman Blennerhassett and his wife Margaret left Ireland in 1796 to begin a new life in America . the Blennerhassetts Built an Elegant Mansion on an island near present-day Parkersburg , West Virginia , where they lived from 1798 to 1806, when Harman's support of Aaron Burr's alleged scheme to create a new Nation in the Southwest forced the Blennerhassetts to flee. 


Margaret Blennerhassett made her Blennerhassett Island estate the showplace of the Ohio Valley . she filled her home with fine Paintings; Furniture brought from England , Baltimore , and Philadelphia ; and Oriental Carpets. she supervised a 2.5 acre garden planted with both exotic and native flowers and shrubs. after leaving the island in 1806, Margaret never returned. in her poem, "The Desert Isle," she wrote, "oh why, dear isle, art thou still not my own? thy charms could then for all my griefs atone ... " in 1996 her body and that of her son, Harman Blennerhassett, Jr., were returned to the island from New York and interred between the Mansion and the site of her flower garden.


Harman Blennerhassett and his wife, Margaret, left Ireland in 1796 to settle in America . they built a Mansion on Backus Island in the Ohio River near Parkersburg from 1798 to 1800. built in the Palladian style of architecture with a central house and two dependencies connected by curved porticos, the Blennerhassett Mansion was one of the most beautiful private homes in America.


In 1975, the West Virginia State Legislature established the Blennerhassett Historical park commission to preserve Blennerhassett Island 's history. the Island opened to the public in July 1980 as Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park. visitors came from all 50 states and 40 foreign countries. many suggested reconstructing the mansion. due to this demand the state of West Virginia decided to rebuild the mansion. construction began in 1984. the kitchen wing opened to the public in 1987; the North wing, Blennerhassett's Study, in 1990; and the main part of the Mansion on July 4, 1991. today volunteers and staff attired in period dress conduct tours of the mansion from may through October 


Henry Cooper built this cabin over 200 years ago in 1805 in the Mineral Wells area. the city of Parkersburg purchased the cabin for $400 from cooper descendants, E. Barnett and M. Lemaster, to Preserve the cabin as an example of early pioneer Architecture. the city moved the cabin in 1910, log by log, to the City Park where it stands today. the Daughters of the American Pioneers own and maintain the cabin. it is open on Sundays from 1:30 to 4:30p.m., from Memorial day through Labor day.



                                   Parkersburg Reps Furniture 1930s


Raymond Mackey Used Cars Gihon Road 1950s


B. F. Goodrich Tires 621 Juliana Street 1940s


                                     Market Street Garage - Parkersburg 1920 or 30s



Back Room of The Market Street Garage 1920 or 30s



Back Room of The Market Street Garage 1920 or 30s


               Parkersburg Reps Furniture 1940s


Wilson 's Market and Jobe's Motel located at RT 50 Parkersburg, WV
 at the time of the photo the in was called the Austere Inn

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