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One of the most important industries of Parkersburg is the Parkersburg Iron & Steel Company. Situated beside the Ohio River, at Beechwood, the plant has ample 'grounds for development, as well as for present use, and the hum of industry that greets the observer tells of business that is well managed and prosperous, and constantly running to its full capacity day and night. The Parkersburg Iron & Steel Company was organized in 1901, commencing operations December 18th of that year, and since that time has run ,steadily and prosperously. They operate their plant continuously, working day and night, and have nearly five hundred employees on the payroll.  

It is well to pause and reflect once in a while on the magnitude and diversity of a city's interests, and what the addition of a great enterprise means to a city, and this growing concern will serve well for an illustration. They employ five-hundred men. Five hundred employees at an average of twenty dollars per week (and a large percentage of their skilled workers receive much more than this), means a distribution weekly of ten thousand dollars which is expended for the support, care, education and maintenance of this army of employees, their wives and children, among the merchants and business interests of our city. 

 All of this wealth is originated in other places and brought to our city by the sale of the products of this concern in 'world-wide markets. Nor is this all of the wealth that they introduce into the commercial life of our city. There are other Commercial needs that must be bought and paid for by them in handling, transporting raw materials and finished products by railroads, by boat lines and teaming, supplies to, be purchased, and the multitude 01' collateral expenditures. It is but fair to believe that Parkersburg receives directly and indirectly from this concern Ior distribution among her merchants and producers fully $600,000 each year.  

What would it, mean to withdraw this vast sum yearly from the arteries of commerce of our city? The result would be the demoralization, impoverishment and paresis of many and many a business and family now prosperous, and a general lowering of tile whole business tone of the city. But another enterprise of this magnitude brought here would bring business health and business life to us, and rejuvenate the same commercial life with. bounding health. Read it again. Think it over.  

The Parkersburg Iron & Steel Company are manufacturers of Sheet (ron, Sheet Steel, and finished steel products. Their sheet iron is greatly in demand for use in making galvanized iron, corrugated iron siding, for roofing, and for many other purposes. Their Sheet Steel is probably the most popular brand in the country for use in making auto mobile bodies and similar work, where lightness and toughness and strength must be combined in one perfect whole. Their special product is "Parkersburg Blue" Sheet Steel, a uniform colored sheet for stovepipes, elbows, dripping pans, and work where high polish and uniform color is needed.

Their finished' steel products are used in making tacks, roofing, dashers, milk cans, show cards, powder kegs, soda drums, metal wheel's, metal ceilings, umbrella rods, satchel frames, bicycle tubing, soda fountains, gas stoves, gasoline stoves, oak stoves, stamped ware, enameled ware, metal Lathing, metal screen frames, automobile parts, and for many' other purposes.  

Their equipment is up-to-date in every way, including electric cranes and all modern machinery, and both 'electric and steam power is used, natural gas being used for fuel. They have their own machine and blacksmith shops for Constructing new an repairing damaged machinery. All of the work of this firm is done under one roof. their business being entirely self-contained, and there fore receiving that personal supervision that insures the greatest production and the highest quality. They also have more than half a mile of private railway track, which is kept constantly filled; and also have a private landing on the Ohio River. Their manufactured product averages over two thousand ton,s per month.  

The Beechwood property adjacent to the Steel Plant is controlled by the Parkersburg Iron & Steel Company, and is operated under the name of the Parkersburg Specialty  


Company Home sites and homes for workers in the plant, and also to residents of the city, are offered at very reasonable prices and terms. They also have some desirable manufacturing sites which are offered on equally advantageous terms. On account of river facilities and railroad trackage, and the level nature If the land, these sites are peculiarly desirable. 

The company also operates the Budke Manufacturing Company, which makes stove pipes, elbows, dripping pans, box bands, metal lath and air-tight heater stoves. The "Acme" goods of the Budke Manufacturing Company are known throughout the country as the standard of quality in elbows, dripping pans and stove pipes. The officers of the Parkersburg Iron & Steel Company are: C. F. Niemann, President and Treasurer; A. H. Geilfuss, Secretary; John Stephens, General Manager, and C. A. Orr, Auditor.

It was called Parkersburg Steel for years then the name changed to Dover Parkersburg.   they closed the doors in Dec. of 2010. They started demolition on the building early 2011. Moved all of the machinery to Mexico  

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