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Wood County History Photography & Scenery

For Early Parkersburg History and Old Pictures

 Over 900 Old Parkersburg & Wood County WV Pictures


Pick Wilson Store 10th Ave & Neal Street with John Harris & Dawn Harris 1958


Stanley Store Pike Street


Ludwig's Store on 10th Ave. South Parkersburg, this picture was taken in the Mid 1950s the guy on the Left is my Brother Randal Mackey who passed away about 4 years ago. I think the other two are Jerry Snider and Garry Evens, I do not know who the guy on the right is.


At the Car Lot on Gihon Road. the Car Door says City Of Parkersburg Traffic Dept. Radar Safety car 19. the guy on the left Is Frank Snider. the other guy George Fox 1955 from - Roger Mackey Collection


The Fort Neal Service Station in South Parkersburg was one of the early service stations in the area. in the 1924 Parkersburg directory the station advertised "gas, oil, grease, accessories.  


Haze Morris & her son Ed inside B & R Super Market ( Bill & Roys ) 2106 Pike Street June 1956 - Ralph Loony next door 2108 Pike street had a produce market. later Ralph bought out B & R and started Ralph's Super market. Ralph's closed in 2010 and the building was Demolished  


The Holiday Drive In Pike Street before the BBF went in Picture Courtesy Dave Ferrell


Camden Avenue, long time home of Badger Lumber Company. In the 1920s the business was known as South side Lumber Company. The company moved from Elizabeth, Wirt County, to South Parkersburg in 1922.


James T Tebay delivers milk for Tebay Dairy Company


The Amos Tebay home and dairy at Larkmead, Wood County


Inside of Wright's Store, on Pike Street at the top of Two-Mile Hill 1920s


Bow's Drug Store on the corner of Pike Street and Camden Avenue, during the 1937 flood


Christmas Time at the Bickel House 1940s

More Bickel Pictures EARLY BICKEL ESTATE 


Mary Carter Paints 2206 Camden Ave Owned by George Buffington, before the the Paint store this was Buffington's Super Market. this picture 1960 Courtesy of Shelia Harrison


Bennies Waffle Iron Pike Street 1970s Picture courtesy Bill & Sharon Jenkins


The Ames Baldwin Shovel Works Plant in Parkersburg, 1933 


Tygart school crossing guard Mrs. Leep in front of the Texaco Service Station on the corner of 10th Ave & division street South Side April 1958 today just to the left is McDonalds and Kmart













General Porcelain Co. 1924
















Donovan Boiler Works Camden Ave South Side 1924


Old Broadway Theater, later in the 1950s Rev. Clair Ruble had Hour of Faith Tabernacle Church there. the building was demolished several years a go


This picture was taken in 1927 and is at the corner of Camden and Neal. The building is what is now Homeland Community Church. Brady Stephens  serve as its pastor. The lady in the picture was then 21 year old Ireta Provance Picture Courtesy of Shelia Harrison


Hardman's Restaurant and Sandwich shop at the corner of Broadway and Camden Ave taken in 1938 


The Nicely-Villa Golf Club, located across the Little Kanawha River has an eighteen hole course, having been open to the public for about 2 years and is in excellent shape and very popular Playing on the 7th Green of the Nicely-Villa's 18-hole Golf Course. A Public Course located on the outskirts of the City. (This Is Now South Hills Golf Course Gihon Road ) 1935


A Plant of Unequalled capacity in the Manufacturing of dry and wet process Porcelain Insulators. Porcelain Products, Inc. 



This was written in 1935 / the Largest Shovel Plant in the World. Ames Baldwin Wyoming Co. an out growth of the original factory, in North Easton, Mass. where the first genuine O. Ames Shovels were made. Ames Closed on September 14 2005  



The site of the Parkersburg Viscose plant looked like this in May, 1926 when construction had just started on the new plant. when all was completed and up in Production in August 1927 it was the Largest Rayon plant in the World 33 Acres under Roof. The Viscose Plants were sold to FMC Corp. in 1963 on November 14th 1974 the Parkersburg Plant Closed. Picture Courtesy Gary & Sheila Hall


Covering an area of 30 acres under Roof is the Largest Rayon Factory in the world the Parkersburg plant the American Viscose Co. they make " Crown " brand Rayon the Viscose co was purchased in 1963 by FMC Corp they closed there doors in 1974


In 1920 Hugh Donovan built the Donovan Boiler Works Camden Ave South Side a Plant that made Steam Boilers and Tanks and Smoke Stack to order. the Ames Baldwin and Wyoming Co. Gained another Parkersburg plant in 1942 when it acquired what is now its No. 2 plant by buying out the Donovan Boiler Works, which had built the facility in 1920.


Early Fort Neal Post Office the first in South Parkersburg on the corner of Camden Ave & East Street. Early 1950s


Rapp & Hebrank Lager Beer Brewery 1859 440 Brewery Road later called Marrtown Road in 1896 there was a new Brewery built at 648 7th St Parkersburg WV they changed the name to Parkersburg Brewery for history of Brewery click link below



Porters Lunch 4207 Camden Ave built 1920s William & Bina Porter. plate lunches sold 25 cents hamburgers, hot dogs, coffee and soda pop 5 cents each. was better known as Earls grill in the 1950s to the 1970s runed by Jack & Betty Shutts  photo courticy William Porter Jr


William Porter Inside Porters Lunch Photo Courticy William Porter Jr














Jan 3 1928 Clayton & Harley Stanley Purchased the building at 610 Pike St. that became H. C. Stanley & Son Grocery. Clayton Son Harold Stanley began working full time in 1939 till they closed in 2010













E. C. Thrash Store Corner of Camden Ave & Crescent St. 1925


Newberry Brothers Hardware Pike Street early 1930s


The H. C. Stanley and Son Grocery store on Pike Street when the Elder Stanley Bought it in 1926


 Stuart Oil Company 520 Pike Street 1940s & 50s


Mose Deem at J. E. Holiday General Merchandise Store Pike Street next to Stuart Oil Company Early 1930s the building was a Church at one time Picture Courtesy Nick Deem


Mose Deem cutting the hair of Melvin Province. Taken in Mose Deem barber shop on Pike St. The building is now Stuart Oil. Taken 1928 Picture Courtesy Nick Deem


Mose Deem on the left with the hat on. Taken 1898 in front of his barber shop. It was located under the old Julianna St bridge on the South Side. Picture Courtesy Nick Deem


The Exterior view of Ralph's Super Market Pike Street 1959 or 60


Intersection of Route 21 - Blizzard Drive  and Broadway Ave. 1949


F. E. Keith and his wife, Aurellia, above, stand In front of a display at Keith's Big Red Market on Broadway Ave in 1946.


Burger Chef across the road from Parkersburg South High School 1972


South Side Lumber Co. 1928 3200 Camden Ave. later became Badger Lumber Co. South Side lumber moved from Elizabeth to Parkersburg in 1922


Members of the South Parkersburg Volunteer fire department at the Pike Street Station, Circa 1945. the Volunteer Fire Department Disbanded in 1950 when the City of Parkersburg annexed South Parkersburg. front row: Ralph Lowers - C.L. Newberry - Howard Hill - Russell Lockhart - Ken Newberry - Fire Chief Barrett Evans - Royal Craig - Lester Lamm - Everett Stuckey - and Harry Lambert. Middle row: C.R. Schrader - Sam Kirk - Tom Clegg - Lewis Allen - C. E. Burford - A. R. Tremble - C. C. Carpenter - M. E. Newberry and Elmer Cottrill. Back:  D. E. Greathouse - Harry Butcher - E. P. Newberry - Clayton Stanley - Leon Cooper - Staton Sims - A. R. Stanley - Ray Deem and Joseph Potter.



Wig Bickel's sudden, sad demise, brought tears of grief to many eyes, for he had warm friends far and wide, over West Virginia's countryside. a real Wood Countian by birth, to him the dearest spot on earth, where he resolved, deep in his soul, to strive to reach a lofty goal. an energetic, self-made man, who started in his youth to plan to play through life a fair, square game, and be an honor to his name! he built a picturesque abode, beside the quiet Lubeck Road, where in enclosures, grazing near, were Bison, Moose and Elk and Deer. Wig Bickel's fame was nationwide, Arabian Horses were his pride, and mounted on a snow white steed, he was most picturesque indeed! he that had friends among the great, was kind to those of low estate, his smiles were bright, his .heart was big, and children loved good "Uncle Wig                    


According to an 1896 newspaper article in The Daily State Journal's Industrial Edition, the original Hebrank & Rapp Brewery was started some time after 1864. One of the founders Marcus Rapp arrived in the area from Wheeling in 1859. Rapp, whom migrated from Germany, started the brewery with his cousin fellow German immigrant John Hebrank. Rapp  brewed the first lager beer ever brewed in Wood County, the article states. The brewery on Marrtown Road produced 30 barrels of beer a day. Increasing demand prompted the construction of a bigger facility in town, the article stated


Ben Franklin  5 - 10 604 Pike St South Side



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