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Original WPAR Clock Owned by Gary Traugh Parkersburg


on Thursday, January 21, 1937, the citizens of Parkersburg and of the central Ohio valley became conscious of the fact that a flood, perhaps of major proportion, might be expected. that consciousness was doomed to become a physical reality, and upon this premonition station WPAR, as you all know, prepared for a service to be continuous until any threat to life and property might be" dissipated. on Friday, January 22, reports from the northern Ohio valley gave complete back-ground and authenticity to rumors formerly advanced that this flood was to be actually and without question one of the worst in the history of Parkersburg and vicinity, since that of 1913. at that moment, station WPAR with studios in Parkersburg and Marietta, Commandeered all facilities including human and mechanical to serve those whom the flood might rob of normal living conditions and privileges. everyone worked at WPAR 1937




Larry Dale with his WPAR Clock, At the age of 18, Larry was the program director for WPAR in Parkersburg, Picture Courtesy of Larry Dale


DJ Larry Dale WPAR - Picture Courtesy of Larry Dale

WPAR's FARM HOME HOUR TRIO. From left to right, Billy Jean (Burroughs), Betty (Burroughs), Brother Charles (Charles Carroll), and their sponsor, Sid Ardman. This popular Trio has set a record of 1769 consecutive broadcasts


The "Burrough's Trio" - actually six people - is a favored morning feature for many WPAR listeners. Although the oldest WPAR program from the point of continuous broadcast, it is "the youngest" in the ages of those who perform. "Billy" Jean Burroughs, whose illness prevented her presence for this picture, is the 17-year-old director, singer and "business-head" of the crew. The program is nearing its 800th broadcast. 


Various members of the WPAR "family"--including members of the Burroughs family.
Betty Jean Burroughs Johnson is on the right in the front row.


This sleepy looking fellow is the "Good Humor Man" who wakes you up each morning with a smile at 7 a.m. Yes, he's the conductor of the "Getting Up Time" program. (Charles Carroll, circa 1942).


Studio "B" is used for smaller musical presentations and for speakers. The curtained windows show into the general offices, and the windows at this side of the studio - unable to show in the photograph - visually connect the studio with the master control room


WPAR's Studio "A," showing the transcription turntables in the rear. These tables are equipped with "pick-up," or reproducing heads, in which diamond or sapphire points are used, instead of the ordinary steel needle used on a phonograph.


WPAR HILLBILLY JAMBOREE SHOW. Each Friday from one thousand to 1500 people attend the Coliseum on Seventh Street (between Green and Quincy) to see West Virginia's largest Jamboree show. The show gets underway at 7:30 p.m. with a half-hour's broadcast from the stage, then continues until 9:30. WPAR features top hillbilly acts from all sections of the United States. Photo circa 1942


Marilyn Pickering in the control room of the main studios is ready to let another "Jive Record" go on Ye Old Swing Clinic.The Clinic gets underway each afternoon at 5:05 p.m. (Circa 1942). 


WPAR Promo



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