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Fresh-ground hamburgers were 5 cents each when Paul Yielky opened his first burger Joint on Market Street In downtown Parkersburg in 1936 The long-time eatery, which since been located on Camden Avenue, closed Friday December 30 1994


Paul Yielky Stands in front of his Hamburger stand at Fifth and Market Street 1945 in the 50s Paul opened his Hamburger Business to South Side on Camden Ave. with wife Joan and daughter Linda they sold out in 1994


Carolyn Felker was among the many local patrons who bought their last hamburger Friday at Yielky's. Customers waited up to three Hours at the familiar red and white eatery in south Parkersburg for one last taste. Pictured at left is co-owner Linda Potter, makingchange. Yielky's closed its doors  Friday December 30 1994


Christmas Card from Yielkys


The Below Info is from a old scrapbook Probably by the Parkersburg News

Yielky's Landmark restaurant closing, on December 30 1994 --  Little Hocking resident Mary Barker carried off the last 31 Yielky's hamburgers Friday after waiting four hours for her order to be filled. She was among hundreds of Yielky's fans who swarmed the landmark south Parkersburg restaurant for a final burger and cup of secret-recipe chili. The familiar red and white Camden Avenue eatery closed for good Friday evening, ending more than 60 years of savory fresh ground beef burgers and homemade desserts.

 We're just hoping new owners will take over soon said Linda Potter, daughter of the late owner Paul Yielky. Yielky who first opened the shop on Market Street, was buried with his tiny metal spatula three years ago in 1991. He was flipping burgers for his lunchtime regulars the day he suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized. His wife and daughter continued to run the hamburger  stand until Friday.

 Now interested buyers are lining up. They must agree to the traditional Yielky's menu, but not use the family name, Ms. Potter said. Her mother Joanna Yielky, an establishment mainstay hopes to continue working a few hours each day. Once the restaurant reopens, customers should see a familiar face or two around for a while to ease the adjustment, Ms. Potter said said.

 Mrs Barker promised to return but admitted even if somebody takes over it's not going to be the same. she frequented Yielky's since childhood, when hamburgers were 12 cents each. Closing day prices were 80 cents for a regular burger and $1 for one with cheese.

Yielky's motto was Buy em by the sack, eat em by the stack. Patrons couldn't order burger with lettuce and mayo because Yielky's only served them one way: with ketchup, mustard, pickles and onion, The restaurant was so swamped Friday orders were cut off before 2:30 p.m. The last burger was flipped at 6:15 p.m. Loyal Customers didn't seem to mind when asked to return for their food hours later.

 Vernon and Betty Marlow of Parkersburg ordered 22 hamburgers and two large chilies.  Some of the grub was saved for their son a Yielky's devotee traveling  in today from Charleston for a final taste. I don't know what I would have done  if I couldn't have had a last one said Debbie Bodge of Vienna She smiled as her brown sack full was handed across the counter. It was well worth the wait she said.

 An employee from another restaurant came in to place a huge order for his co-workers. We serve our hamburgers to our customers, but We get our burgers here. he laughed. Her parents got her hooked and she in turn introduced her husband Keith to the chow.

The Burnette's made it in before the cut off, but Mrs. Burnette's father wasn't so lucky. He was upset that they were not taking any more orders, she said adding she knew others who called days in advance.

 Sentimental patrons took home souvenir menus. Flowers and balloons from well-wishers adorned the counters. One frustrated man said the endless crowd indicated the restaurant shouldn't close. But Ms. Potter, who is a teacher and paralegal, explained she is ready to hang up her apron and follow other pursuits and her mother need to slow down due to arthritis.

 Mrs. Yielky, 70, said she is anxious for new owners to reopen the establishment. The customers are sort of like my family, she said, because I've known them for so many years Mrs. Yielky started in the burger business 54 years ago, when she was paid $1 a day to work seven days a week. I was tickled to death to have this job she said, a twinkle in her eye.

 Yielky opened his first Parkersburg Hamburger shop on Market Street in 1936, A second Market Street location opened in the late 1940s, when Mrs. Yielky was just a bride. By Friday's end she was still shaping meat, wrapping burgers and wiping counters despite, getting up at 4:45 AM

The mother-daughter team expected to be busy, but not like this Ms Potter said Doors Opened at 10 A.M. and the restaurant was immediately swamped with phone orders for pick up she said. The grill sizzled all day with 30 burgers at a time cooking for 13-15 minutes. Chili ran, out before the final orders were filled, Customers lined up outside the doors and crowded into the tiny dinning area with just two circler stand up tables.

 an ad announcing the Camden Ave shop's opening still adorned the wall. we want say this is the most elegant eating emporium in the Ohio Valley, but we do think we have the neatest 'hamburger joint' in this part of the country. Drop in and look us over  

Today in this building is now under new ownership, is still selling great Hamburgers the name is now called Larky Hamburgers



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